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[ Pdf The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop It (English Edition) µ westerns PDF ] by Sandra Kaufmann µ The Kaufmann Protocol Is The First Comprehensive Approach To Aging That Tackles Why We Age, And Then Recommends A Strategic, Scientific Formulation To Decelerate The ProcessThe Book Brings Practical Information To Everyday People, And Takes The Science Of Aging Out Of The Laboratory And Into The Real World The First Half Of The Kaufmann Protocol Discusses Aging On A Cellular Level, Which Separates It From All Other Anti Aging Fads We Age Because Our Cells Age And It Is This Understanding That Allows The Protocol To Combat Aging For People From All Walks Of LifeThis Is Presented In Terms Of The Seven Tenets, Or Categories, Of Aging Which Comprise Topics Such As DNA Alterations, Mitochondrial Energy, And Aging Pathways These Are Explained In Both Scientific And Laymen Terms, Such That Anyone Can Understand The Process A Series Of Analogies Paralleling The Cell To A Factory Assist The Reader In Following The Logic The Second Half Of The Book Reviews The Top Fifteen Molecular Agents That Curb The Aging Process Each Agent Is Examined, Discussed And Then Rated In Terms Of The Seven Categories, Thus Granting It A Kaufmann Rating Number This Number Is Essentially A Snapshot Of Its Anti Aging Properties, And Allows The Reader To Create A Regimen To Fit Their Personal Needs Alternatively, The Book Suggests The Most Common Protocol, The PANACEA, Which Is A Combination Of Five Molecular Agents This Regimen Is Fantastic For Most People Over The Age Of , But It Certainly Is Not Comprehensive With The Tools And Knowledge Presented In This Book, The Reader Can Determine What Is Best For Them As Individuals This Book Is Also Meant To Be A Complimentary Addition To The Kaufmann Protocol App Expected Release June Which Will Allow The User To Track Their Progress And Stay Up To Date With All Of The New Scientific Findings That Will Continue To Make Aging Truly Optional

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