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[ Read Online The Sorrow Hand (A Nick Drake Novel Book 1) (English Edition) ↠´ ghana PDF ] by Dwight Holing È The descriptions of an area I m unfamiliar with is what kept me going, in spite of than a few character tropes and obvious plot manipulations It s as if the author started with the typical set of cardboard cutouts and then tried to give each one enough detail to lift it above the mold it was taken from Unfortunately, these superficial trappings could not hide the bones I did enjoy a few of the traits of the main character and handling of his struggles I did not enjoy being hit over the head with Vietnam PTSD These are issues that could be addressed with a bit subtlety Also, yes there are a few editing issues not typos but bits and pieces of plot and or dialogue out of order In the end, I read the entire book and would probably try another one if the author chooses to continue as a series.
Nick Drake is wonderfully complex character and I was invested in this story from the very first page His backstory in Vietnam is beautifully and horrifically described It was all very visceral and real, layered and emotional I m a huge fan of westerns and this felt very much like acontemporary western married with a mystery I love the setting and time period Eastern Oregon in 1968 It was a time of incredible turmoil and change and the story vividly reflects all of it The dialogue crackles with wit and honesty and the action scenes are beautifully written and really exciting If you re looking for a smart, thrilling, beautifully written pager turner, look no further I can t wait for book two.
This is the second time I have read a novel series where the hero is a wildlife Ranger The first is of course, the Joe Pickett novels by CJ Box They are some of my favorite works and I just finished the latest one, and look forward to many.
So I was a little hesitant, frankly, when I read in the notes for this book that it was about a fish and wildlife character However, this book is so different in so many ways that I was able to enjoy it for itself, and not compare it to the Pickett books.
I m not sure that it is written as smoothly as the Pickett books but then the style of writing, which is choppier and much direct, fits the character and the setting to a T.
This is not Wyoming, present day, this is Oregon in the late 1960s.
This is not Joe Pickett, slightly world weary, stridently honest, letter of the law to a fault, Nick Drake is a V In this well crafted story, Nick Drake tries to solve, with the assistance of a crusty, and colorful deputy, Pudge, the disappearance and murder of several young women while Drake fights his own personal demons from a war halfway around the world In a style that might remind one of James Lee Burke, Dwight Holing weaves a story of intrigue and drama underpinned by Native American mysticism and Drake s struggle to overcome PTSD Drake is a very interesting and complex character that drives the story through flashbacks to Vietnam around the time of the Tet Offensive and his current job as a conservation officer This page turner will keep you guessing and riveted to the end.
Jeffrey Miller, Bureau 39 For Vietnam Veteran Turned Wildlife Ranger Nick Drake, The War At Home Proves Just As Deadly A Contemporary Western ThrillerHarney County, Oregon, Nick Drake Has A Chest Full Of Medals And Enough Demons To Fill A Duffle Bag Hes Been Trained To Kill, But Never Retrained To Rejoin Society Drake Flees To The Lonesome High Desert In Search Of Redemption And Takes A Job Patrolling Wildlife Refuges Where The Only Conflicts Are Keeping Out Stray Cows And Ticketing Poachers But Then He Stumbles Across A Girls Body Ritually Placed In A Gully Her Murder Is Only The Beginning, And Drake Must Face Humanitys Heart Of Darkness Once Again If Hes To Stop A Killer From Turning Even Gullies Into GravesWhat Readers Are Saying Fits Right Alongside Craig Johnson, CJ Box, And Nevada Barr Im A Huge Fan Of Contemporary Westerns Married With A Mystery This Nails It Nick Drake Is Wonderfully Complex His Backstory In Vietnam Is Beautifully And Horrifically Described The Supporting Characters Feel So Real The Old Lawman, Deputy Pudge Warbler, Is As Flinty And Resolute As His Pitiless Territory I Absolutely Loved The Native American Character, Her Language And Myths Got It On Friday And Finished It On Saturday An Amazing read Smart, Thrilling, And Action Packed The Prose Crackles Like The High Desert Setting The Descriptions Of The Natural Surroundings Put Me Right There I Could Touch, Smell, And Hear ItDwight Holing Lives And Writes In California His Genre Spanning Work Includes Novels, Short Fiction, And Nonfiction His Mystery And Suspense Thriller Series Include The Nick Drake Novels And The Jack McCoul Capers The Stories In His Collections Of Literary Short Fiction Have Won Awards, Including The Arts They Have A Daughter And Son, And A Dog Whod Rather Swim Than Walk

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