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[Rod Stryker] º The Four Desires [college PDF] Read Online Ð Important book, it s going to be a long long book throughout the year or years as the exercises required consistent practices.
Firstly, I really appreciate the author, to understand an alien language like Sanskrit and correctly translate them for the masses, is not an easy task The author comes out as an erudite scholar in his subject But I felt something is amiss Even after reading the book I am stlll not clear as to how to bridge the gap between desire and reality I wish he had given that point by point There are times when he says surrender, accept things, don t secretly harbor opposite emotions, put laser focus on what you want etc but as I said there is something amissThe mapping of our desire is a good technique I felt I needed something in all 4 dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha It was tough having just one so really had to prioritize.
For those already familiar with Yoga and few Sanskrit terms this book will becomprehensible I happened to read the book after taking The Four Desires Yoga of Fulfillment workshop, so I may have a slightly different perspective on the book and material I enjoyed the book as a refresher on the workshop, and a reminder of where I need to refocus my practice Reading the book is a pleasure It is easy to read and understand Rod s teachings He does a great job taking these complex topics and communicating them with ease and clarity The book is punctuated with examples and stories of how the teachings have been applied, which makes the informationrelatable and practical But for real change, one must do the exercises and practices included in the book, and continue to practice after finishing the book The practices a This book shows you how to find Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksha in your life, through meditation, yoga poses, and exercises that reveal what is in your heart, what your unique Dharma is, and how you can create the life you dream about.
Dharma is your purpose in life It can be a career, or if you can t make a living from it yet are compelled to do it anyway, it could be a calling Perhaps you will have to make a living another way to support yourself, but that will be all right because you are fulfilling your purpose in life.
Kama is pleasure, and that covers a lot of ground, like good food, love, happiness, and enjoyment of Art, Music, and Literature Though you can overindulge or sometimes find that desire is infinite, and you can t really be satisfied, there is nothing wrong with pleasure if it is balanced with the other three desires You I really enjoyed this book I read without doing most of the exercises and plan to re read it and do them this time around We did as a book club and the discussions were great I LOVE the meditations, which I purchased as a download It is meant to look into what you re meant to do dharma , to help you live a fulfilled life helps you look at what is holding you back in life

I loved this book, and I highly recommend getting the accompanying CD to have the best experience of doing the meditations Towards the end, I found the example personal stories a little superfluous, and I find some of the scientific references questionable, but otherwise this book is amazing Rod Stryker offers a fresh approach to traditional yoga practices to identifying and achieving your heart s desires Accessible even to skeptics, the meditations and exercises are practical and his writing style up front and encouraging I look forward to revisiting it often.
My favorite yoga study book so far I ve instituted many of the practices and have seen a marked change in my life Heads up this book discusses ancient yogic traditions I wouldn t recommend it to people who haven t already studied yogic philosophy.
What an amazing way to reflect, guide and interpret your way in life I found this book to be life alerting in many ways Truly a gem for the mind.
enjoy 6 stars The integration of tantra yoga philosophy into positive thinking is thorough However, the author lost all credibility with me by misrepresenting science That he included the Korean study supporting prayer to improve medical outcomes years after the study was retracted and the unethical author lost his job and any ability to secure research funding for fraudulently creating data is inexcusable and irresponsible This is the worst but not the only misrepresentation of science in the book I m not a fan of think it and it will be mentality anyway but if this book makes anyonemindful and committed to meditation then I m glad it s been published.
Desire Is Here To Stay The Challenge We All Face, And Which I Intend To Guide You Through, Is To Learn How To Take Into Account The Full Measure Of Who You Are And Use The Positive Force Of All Four Of Your Soul S Desires To Lead You To Your Best Life Rod StrykerAccording To Ancient Yogic Tradition, Your Soul Has Four Distinct Desires The Desire For Purpose, The Drive To Become Who You Are Meant To Be The Desire For The Means Money, Security, Health To Prosper In This World The Desire For Pleasures Like Intimacy, Beauty, And Love The Desire For Spiritual Fulfillment And Lasting Freedom Learning To Honor These Four Desires Is The Key To Happiness, And To A Complete And Balanced Life But How Can You Discern What Will Truly Satisfy Your Desires How Can You Increase Your Capacity To Achieve Them What If Your Desires Seem To Conflict With One Another Is It Really Possible To Live A Spiritual Life While Also Wanting Material Pleasures And Success For Than Three Decades, Master Teacher Rod Stryker Has Taught Yoga In The Context Of Its Deepest Philosophy His Course, Called The Yoga Of Fulfillment , Has Helped Thousands Recognize Their Soul S Call To Greatness And To Achieve Their Dreams Now, In This Wise And Richly Practical Book, He Has Distilled Those Broad Teachings Into A Roadmap For Becoming The Person You Were Meant To Be It Is Filled With Revealing True Stories, Provocative Exercises, And Practices For Unlocking Your Inner Guidance And Even If You Ve Never Done A Yoga Pose, You Can Follow This Step By Step Process To Discover Your Soul S Unique Purpose The One You Came Into This World To Fulfill Recognize The Goal S You Need To Focus On At Any Given Time And Enliven Your Capacity To Reach Them Overcome Self Defeating Ideas And Behavior Recruit Your Deepest Energies And Strengthen Your Resolve To Meet Any Challenge Learn To Live With Joy At Every Stage Of Your Growth The Four Desires Is Nothing Less Than A Complete Path Toward Living Your Best Life Possible A Life That Is Rich In Meaning And In Means, A Life That Attracts And Emanates Happiness, A Life That Is Your Unique Gift To Yourself And The World From The Hardcover Edition

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