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↠´ Read É Shared Winds by Kenna White Ñ From myreview So we know that the characters in Kenna White s books normally find a way to be together Take that as a given But the plot involved in getting to the end point is very detailed and very gripping There are a couple of very dramatic story lines in this book one revolving around the success of the refurbishments which could decide the fate of Lan Harding s business, and the other which follows the potentially devastating outcome of a storm Pure escapism, well worth a read When An Oklahoma Tornado Rips Through Lan Harding S Life, Destroying Her Beloved Marina, Shared Winds, Lan Must Somehow Find A Way To Rebuild Her Business And Her World Lyn S Hopes And Dreams Are Perilously Close To Dissolving Unless She Can Find A Contractor To Rebuild Her Business Before A Season Without Revenue Forces Her To Close Her Doors Forever But With Such Widespread Damage Throughout The Area, Lan S Frustration Mounts As The Lack Of Available Contractors Becomes Apparent Then Emma Bishop, Daughter Of The Most Renowned Contractor In The County, Steps In To Offer Her Services The Offer Seems Like An Answer To Lan S Prayers Until She Learns Of Emma S Inexperience And Ulterior Motives As The Two Woman Work Closely Together To Rebuild The Marina, Each Is Caught Unaware As Something Else Begins To Threaten Their Contractor Client Relationship Despite Their Best Efforts, A Smoldering Caldron Of Emotion And Desire Begins To Bubble Up Through The Icy Okalahoma Winter There was very little buildup between the characters, so when they kissed for the first time, it wasn t the usual, finally I typically give when reading a good story It was seriously lacking in the chemistry department, and I couldn t get through it once they started their big scene Something about them was just eh It wasn t just between the 2 MC s, either Every character involved didn t tell a good story I couldn t connect with a single character in this book I also agree with other reviewers who commented on the quick and overuse of babe Secondly, fire your editor for allowing, she was going to fast too stop p.
102 Really To and too aren t interchangeable, and anyone who thinks so should not be editing books or maybe even writing them Basic, grade school grammar, people.
Enjoyable read I liked the Native American theme and strong characters.

Honestly, I love these types of bookshowever, there was just something lacking in this one I couldn t get behind the characters and I also couldn t see how they were even together No chemistry at all And also, you kiss once and all the sudden you are Babe I don t think so It just didn t do it for me.
beware of the overuse of the word babe

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