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☆ Read ↠´ Basic Instinct by Richard Osborne ☆ A competent retelling of the screenplay NothingNothing less.
5 stars A Detective, A Female Crime Writer Accused Of Murder And A Woman Police Psychiatrist, The Ex Lover Of The Detective, All Feature In This Sexual Psychothriller The Male Detective Is Caught Between The Two Women Who Have A Strange, Uncanny Connection The Film Stars Michael Douglas And Sharon Stone Basic Instinct 1992 Novelization by Richard OsborneBased on the screenplay by Joe EszterhasIn the interest of full disclosure, I am a huge fan of the film, the director, the two leads, the composer, and even the cinematographer Basic Instinct was a screenplay I read endlessly when I was studying screenwriting This neo noir classic is number ten on my all time favorite film list If Hitchcock were alive and at his peak in the early 90s, this is the kind of film he would have made.
There is a reason a Hollywood bidding war broke out for the rights to the Basic Instinct script It is a fantastic screenplay with pristine structure, a sensational main character, and knockout, profane laced, rhythmic dialogue This novelization captures all of that and adds a sheen of literary flair reminiscent of a great piece of h read this about 20 years ago I wanted to read it to see if any extra information clues were given that wasn t in the movie If I remember correctly was exactly like the movie, left you hanging at the end Liked it 20 years ago, but have not read it since.
Entretenido para pasar el ratoEl g nero no es santo de mi devoci n.
Si quieren pasar un rato entretenido lo recomiendo Questo libro mi ha intrigato E la fine Voglio dire la fine Non posso vivere non sapendo come finisce FREAKING AMAZING OH GOD

Smut A Thon Forbidden RomanceGolden Girls read A Thon A book published between 1985 1992 A word to the wise.
If you re a detective don t fuck a murder suspect Its a very bad idea This book is a novelization of Basic Instinct a movie from the early 1990 s The movie is best known for the scene in which Sharon Stone s character flashes her vagina After reading this book its clear to me that, that was the high point of the movie I didn t like this book but then again I didn t expect to I only read it because I knew it would be smutty andBOY WAS IT The first page of the book has a sex scene that ends in bloody violent murder Detective Nick Curran Michael Douglas is our main character and boy was I wishing for his gruesome murder Nick is an alcoholic who shot and killed 2 unarmed civilians gets away with it, feels no remorse Rapes his sometimes girlfriend who is also a co worker, bl It s a sexy thriller, sometimes But mostly plotless and in the end, pointless.
That s how you end up with miniature reviews nothing lingers but the literary image of naked Sharon Stone Who doesn t swivel in her chair during interrogation in the novel.

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