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[ Read Online Mysteries of Winterthurn Ú comic-strips PDF ] by Joyce Carol Oates ✓ Wow, it was a wild readvery intense at times, I could not put it down, I stayed up way too many nights late reading it It was over the top creepy and beautifully written tooif you can imagine, an odd combo, beauty and creepy, not quite a you got chocolate in my peanut butter it s one of those combined flavors you ve never had before and not sure if you re gonna likewhich is a typical JCO novel There are books that are an acquired taste and some books require a reader to have the flexibility to read them with an open mind and welcome the writing as it is and not go into it with preconceived notions set in concreteand take an unexpected journey into a story unlike anything you ve read beforethat is the beauty of books.
C in her mid 1980s experiment in Gothic Romance Here she tries her hand at murder mysteries, three, scattered over 20 years, in a small upstate New York city, full of self satisfied Episcopalians who, of course, hide all sorts of demented, psychotic tendencies The prose is over ripe, lush, occasionally ludicrous, but generally self aware that it is ludicrous, and done for the Gothic effect The focus is on hometown boy Xavier Kilgarvan, unhealthily fixated on his emotionally distant cousin Perdita she who is lost Xavier becomes a noted private investigator, though his investigatory efforts in Winterthurn end up either foiled or so self involving that Xavier has a breakdown I sort of liked the second and third stories, though I have no idea what the hell the first one was about Picked up the book at a yard sale, decided to I couldn t decide whether or not I liked the main character, Xavier Kilgarvan, which probably means he carries all the imperfections of being human Set as three stories from his childhood, young adulthood, and middle age, Kilgarvan is an American Sherlock Holmes withthan a few sly swipes at Sir A.
C Doyle by the author The mysteries each have a whiff of the supernatural, but are really tales of natural passions gone awry The book is written in a gothic style that is sometimes too tedious There are satisfying moments of wit and wisdom about life and mortality that were worth underlining Not the best of Oates work, but a good read.
Joyce Carol Oates nous propose avec Les myst res de Winterthurn un roman aux accents gothiques d licieusement prononc s, mais nous surprend par sa forme inattendue et tout fait originale L action se d roule la fin du XIXe si cle, dans l est des tats Unis, et nous plonge dans l intimit d une famille d chir e donc les trois h riti res auront un bien trange et tragique destin.
Xavier, jeune rejeton de la branche coup e des Kilgarvan, d marre pr cocement une carri re de d tective en enqu tant secr tement sur les myst res de sa propre famille, dont ses trois cousines sont les principales protagonistes La mort frappe plusieurs fois chez les Kilgarvan et au fil des ans, une aura de myst res et de superstition plane sur Winterthurn et intrigue le jeune Xavier, qui reviendra des ann es plus tard sur les lieux dans le cadre d une autre affaire de meurt I am a HUGE Oates fan now This is a book I borrowed from my mom, who is also an Oates fan The book is put together as three Victorian crime novellas, all featuring the same detective, Xavier Kilgarvin, at three different points in his life and career It s definitely odd to try to get into Victorian style writing, and it s amazing to me that Oates immersed herself so much in a bygone era I m still not certain what went on in the first mystery 3.
5 stars The third in JCO s gothic saga, this novel follows Xavier Kilgarvan, the detective hero, through three baffling cases, all in Winterthurn, the place he was born Xavier s first case, The Virgin in the Rose Bower , coincides with his awakening adolescent passion for his distant cousin, Perdita His investigation takes him to Glen Mawr Manor, home of the rich Kilgarvans A series of gruesome murders have occurred by night in the locked Honeymoon Room Along with solving the case, Xavier uncovers a scandalous family secret In The Devil s Half Acre case, Xavier is now 28, and a detective of professional status He is confronted with solving a series of brutal murders of local factory girls Xavier s efforts to have the true murderer convicted have disquieting co The First Paperback Reprint SinceOf The Author S Favorite Among Her Several Acclaimed And Controversial Gothic NovelsIn Mysteries of Winterthurn, The Brilliant Young Detective Hero Xavier Kilgarvan Is Confronted With Three Baffling Cases The Virgin In The Rose Bower, The Devil S Half Acre, And The Blood Stained Gown That Tax His Genius For Detection To The Utmost, Just As His Forbidden Passion For His Cousin Perdita Becomes An Obsession That Shapes His Life Exactly Why Mysteries of Winterthurn, Or Specifically, The Youthful Detective Hero Xavier Kilgarvan Remains So Close To My Heart Is Something Of A Mystery To Me It Must Be That Xavier, The Painstaking, Often Frustrated, Balked, Discouraged And Depressed Amateur Detective So Misunderstood By His Public, Is A Self Portrait Of A Kind After Xavier Has Achieved A Modicum Of Fame, Or Notoriety, In His Hazardous Profession, He Comes To Feel That His Public Image Is Terribly Misleading, Since The Public Can Have No Awareness Of The Painstaking Labor, The Daily And Hourly Grind, Of The Detective S Work And Is Woefully Misled As To The Glamorous Ease With Which Mysteries Are Solved As Novels May Appear, At A Distance, To Be Easily Written If The Novelist Has A Reputation For Being Prolific Joyce Carol Oates, From The Afterword Numbingly boringFirst portion, first mystery was somewhat engaging, but the second was simply unreadable Predictable, too, And not mysterious Is there anyone who didn t suspect the culprit s Skim read enough to confirm my suspicions Did not go on to third mystery in the book Was interested in Oates Gothic series Struggled through The Accursed Crashed and burned with Winterthurn Continuing to delve into Gothic fiction, but won t be returning to Oates.
Oates takes the conventions of mystery writing and mystery reading and gives them a good solid shaking A fascinating read, never going where you expect it to Solutions are for suckers.
So, I ve finished reading Joyce Carol Oates Mysteries of Winterthurn Wow It was like I was reading a book which was truly written in the 1880 s, not the 1980 s, so that was pretty cool how JCO pulled that off The narrator bounced all over, from past to present and future, but that is part of the charm and mystery Reality vs supernatural, love and loss, and everything in between It s not what I would normally read, but as I really enjoyed JCO smodern Freaky Green Eyes, I was very happy to be challenged by Lonesome Reader aka Eric Karl Anderson to read this I felt like I was there like a fly on the wall Now, I must readJCO

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