✓ Game Programming Patterns ß Download by ✓ Robert Nystrom

✓ Game Programming Patterns ß Download by ✓ Robert Nystrom Very detailed and simple explanation about some of the Design Patterns found in the GoF book Each Chapter contains a clear and critical explanation on the pitfalls and benefits when using an specific Design Pattern.
I find particularly interesting, the Chapters on Optimization and Sequencing Patterns.
Make no mistake, when developing a game, it is very likely you will have to work with those ones I strongly recommend this book to any video game developer, either beginner or advanced.
Excellent As a senior software developer LOB with limited game development experience, I found this book to be very well written, easy to follow and understand Code samples are well written and simplified or toned down to make the essence of each pattern easier to see and grasp Most, if not all, of the code is written in C but kudos to the author for using a simple and basic form of C without all the modern syntax and sugary stuff I m a C developer and I had no problems following the sample code I loved the graphical diagrams used to help explain abstract concepts they were the perfect compliment to the text that made reading a technical book, such as this, very enjoyable and made everything easier to follow.
The little notes on the right margin are also really interesting and made the book enjoyable.
Is important to note that this is NOT a step by step game Game Programming Patterns Brings The Benefits Of Reusable Design Patterns To The World Of Game Programming Commercial Game Development Expert Robert Nystrom Presents An Array Of General Solutions To Problems Encountered In Game Development For Example, You Ll Learn How Double Buffering Enables A Player To Perceive Smooth And Realistic Motion, And How The Service Locator Pattern Can Help You Provide Access To Services Such As Sound Without Coupling Your Code To Any Particular Sound Driver Or Sound Hardware Games Have Much In Common With Other Software, But Also A Number Of Unique Constraints Some Of The Patterns In This Book Are Well Known In Other Domains Of Software Development Other Of The Patterns Are Unique To Gaming In Either Case, Robert Nystrom Bridges From The Ivory Tower World Of Software Architecture To The In The Trenches Reality Of Hardcore Game Programming You Ll Learn The Patterns And The General Problems That They Solve You Ll Come Away Able To Apply Powerful And Reusable Architectural Solutions That Enable You To Produce Higher Quality Games With Less Effort Than Before Applies Classic Design Patterns To Game Programming Introduces New Patterns Specific To Game Programming Brings Abstract Software Architecture Down To Earth With Approachable Writing And An Emphasis On Simple Code That Shows Each Pattern In Practice What You Ll Learn Overcome Architectural Challenges Unique To Game Programming Apply Lessons From The Larger Software World To Games Tie Different Parts Of A Game Graphics, Sound, AI Into A Cohesive Whole Create Elegant And Maintainable Architecture Achieve Good, Low Level Performance Gain Insight Into Professional, Game Development Who This Book Is ForGame Programming Patterns Is Aimed At Professional Game Programmers Who, While Successful In Shipping Games, Are Frustrated At How Hard It Sometimes Is To Add And Modify Features When A Game Is Under Development Game Programming Patterns Shows How To Apply Modern Software Practices To The Problem Of Game Development While Still Maintaining The Blazing Fast Performance Demanded By Hard Core Gamers Game Programming Patterns Also Appeals To Those Learning About Game Programming In Their Spare Time Hobbyists And Aspiring Professionals Alike Will Find Much To Learn In This Book About Pathfinding, Collision Detection, And Other Game Programming Problem Domains Although not directly relevant to my day job I enjoyed this quite a bit It s basically a readable version of the gang of four original Fun read, nice examples I do mostly UI library dev these days where a lot of these patterns will look familiar.
Pros Excellent book to read if you ve recently gotten into game programming and wonder why game code is structured the way it is Design patterns are easier to make sense of if they re explained in some context For example, games everybody likes games, and they re a very visual thing, so running the sample code in your head is trivial The author gives some useful tips about programming games in general.
Cons No exercises In some chapters, the author tries to cover way too much ground They do fulfill the purpose of informing you about the existence and applications of the patterns in question, but upon finishing the chapters I felt like something is missing.
Notes If you re new to programming and curious about games and C , it ll be difficult to make good use of this book Try Beginning C Thr Very good book on Design Patterns for Games If you are a game developer, you probably know and use a few, if not most of those patterns already However, the author explains quite a few use cases, optimizations, and reasons why it s better to use one pattern instead of another, depending on what tradeoffs you can accept Not only that, but the author favors showing things by example, step by step, with a lot of humor in between, which works better in this case than just dumping a lot of theory at the reader and showing one example or two Oh, while the focus is on game development, most of the designs in this book are also useful for other types of applications.
Even if you know a bit about Game Programming, I feel this is a go First, I d like to say that this book is well organized and as interesting as it is fun to read all those side notes are fun Design decisions are also neat As for the content of the book I guess, you can call a lot of things a pattern in programming as a lot of code do actually happen to be repetitive Most of the patterns described in this book are the ones that we know from Gang of Four design patterns Some of them are actually interesting and new though.
Now, for the interesting part it provides some good examples on those patterns when it comes to game development Moreover, it keeps things simple, so that you understand the approach better.
I recommend this book to everyone who want to get insight on what it means to be a ga The book started out promising with a real life epiphany on working alongside fantastic programmers and walking over great programming gems However, I found most of the examples that followed to be non applicable to the vast majority of games I enjoy playing and creating An inordinate proportion of the examples come from real time action games, and very few from 2D RPGs and turn based battles like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy VI V VI, Chrono Trigger, Fire Emblem, Pocket Monsters, Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Mother 3, etc The tone was also sarcastic and not particularly endearing to me, which led to me feeling talked down to quite often.

I read the online version This book follows the standard pattern for design pattern books short chapters on each particular style, with definition, pros cons, simple pedagogic example, comparisons with other design patterns, and possibly some discussion of real world implementations game engines I haven t heard of any other place where one could find this sort of game oriented programming design advice, and in that respect, this book is unrivaled.
While far from encyclopedic, the chosen design patterns all seem like reasonable choices for video game programmers there are some architectural ones like Flyweight Singleton which everyone needs to know, and then a good helping of high performance or game specific patterns eg Data Locality Object Pool Dirty Bit Double Buffer Game Loop Spatial Partition, respectively , as well as a few fairly exotic pa Detailed and insightful explanations of how, where an why to use specific patterns Like the best books on OOO, it is written with a love for programming expressed with personality and charm A joyful tech read Essential, in my opinion.

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