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[Christina Skye] ☆ Fallen [cities PDF] Read Online é A Spellbinding New Adult And College Age Spin Off Of The Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy Adventure Draycott Abbey SeriesIn A Night Of Dreams And Danger, A Heroic Crusader Knight Is Torn From The Past On A Mission Of Honor Only Through Magic Can He Protect The Innocence Of A Stubborn Woman Who Has Learned To Trust No OneWhile The Deadly Fog Of A London Graveyard Closes Around Them, They Will Fight An Eternal Desire That Tests The Power Of Their Trust While An Ancient Enemy Follows In The Shadows, Waiting For Darkest Revenge I was not a fan of this book It s supposed to be fantasy but the most fascinating part of it revolved around the real world struggles the main female character faces in the beginning with getting busted by the federal government for computer hacking.
Descriptions and the background story about the main character s past are supposed to help the reader understand them in the book s current context In this case, the characters do not seem well rounded or dynamic and they do things that go against their personality Magic or not, the reasoning for characters decisions and actions needed to make sense I will not be reading the remaining books in the series.
A nice addition to the series.
Don t get me wrong I like Christina Skye, I love the Draycott Abbey series and I m intrigued by where it seems to be going This wasn t a bad book, I just don t like the fact that at the end of it, I was left with far questions than answers Not that that s unusual for a novella that kicks off a longer series, but these weren t the kinds of questions I was comfortable leaving go My biggest question was, What the hell did I just read about I m still not sure what was going on Who was the hero Where did he come from How did he get there Did he time jump or was he reincarnated What is this whole rose business What does Morgaine Le Fay have to do with this Did she call him husband If so, why is he hooking up with this Absolutely stunning and mesmerizing paranormal romance that blends history and modern suspense seamlessly I fell in love with Maddie and Lyon s story I can t wait to read of their adventures in the series Christina Skye has a new fan for life Don t miss this book I love Christina Skye s books, especially the Draycott Abbey books Fallen left me really hanging though and even though I rated it a 4 I didn t have quite the great happy feeling I have when I finish her other books I m looking forward to the follow up to this though, hope the wait is not too long since the story really didn t finish.
Based on the overall rating and comments, I did not expect to like this book as much as I did I found a few errorss, one of which I noted I liked the characters and found the story to be different enough to anything else I have read that it held my attention.
read as part of the Hearts Out of Time Boxed Set.
THERE IS NO SEQUEL Apparently I am spoiled by writers who keep the books coming at a steady 6 month clip, but in the paranormal romance world, two years between installments is an eternity The upside is that I was really drawn into Maddy s story Initially I thought the operative Izzy was supposed to be the love interest, but instead it s a mysterious Crusader Maddy is a cross between a Lizbeth Saunders kind of computer whiz and the hidden heir When mysterious government forces force her to go to London for a hacking job, she stumbles into some supernatural stuff, meets her Crusader, and things get interesting There s a cliffhanger ending that leaves Maddy hanging, and doesn t connect the dots between the museum hacking job and the supernatural stuff t So glad this finally became available in e pub format This was a little bit paranormal then the rest of the series but still good.

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