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[ Read Online Technically Dead ↠´ denmark PDF ] by Tia Fielding ↠´ This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm I interviewed Tia Fielding when I read her other book Chuffed and she asked if I was going to read this book I told her Hell yes and I now want to tell her she better be a fast writer because she now has 2 books I want to read like yesterday I loved that in this world vampires where out and part of society and I love this story of old love becoming new love I also liked that the cover of the book was directly related to Bran and his tattoo s, I loved the concept of them and the way the feeling of being tattooed was described was so accurate, well it was for how I feel when I get inked.
This is basically the story of how Heath and Bran got back together after Heath was an idiot It chart their relationship through its changes and how his family made up of friends reacts and supports them I look I did it I managed to finish the book view spoiler Every time I thought I had a clue as to where the book was headed and what its central intrigue would be, the plot changed I assumed the book would focus on the difficulties of mending a broken relationship between Bran and Heath, bridging a 12 years gap That wasn t it Heath came with his tail between his legs, apologising to all 4 gay friends of Bran s and resuming their relationship Then the twin vampires entered the scene and I expected chasing, fights and adventure as the couple fought the mysterious vampires.
It was only Lilith, one of the vampires, that was crazy and tried to kill Heath Not knowing Franco or Tadashi, Bran automatically trusts them and together they go rescue Heath Lilith, of cours When Brandon Roland S Parents Kicked Him Out For Being Gay, He Turned To Prostitution To Get By Something That Almost Cost Him His Life When He Was Attacked By Strangers Bran Was Saved By A Vampire Named Heath, And During Their Year Together, Bran S Life Was Good But Then Heath Sent Him Packing For Reasons Unknown That Was Twelve Years Ago, And Bran S Come A Long Way Since Then He Has An Education, A Job As A Social Worker At A Vampire Human Youth Shelter, Friends, And A Tattoo He Adds To Annually To Commemorate Another Year Without The Love Of His Life The Trouble With Being A Very Old Vampire Is That The Older You Are, The Less You Feel Heath Is Over Nine Hundred He Was Sure He D Never Experience Emotion Again, But He Never Counted On Bran When Heath Accidentally Stumbles Back Into Bran S Life, It Changes Than Either Man Thought Possible And Then History Literally Catches Up With Them And Turns Their Lives Inside Out WHEN VAMPIRES AREN T SEXY I am so disappointed in this book, after I was so excited for a pants losing Well, there was no pants losing and I am inclined to forget this book in the next week There s so much that really throws the book off and leaves you feeling like you are trying to connect a puzzle It was jumbled and had no flow and eventually it just fell flat, I am a fighter so I stuck it out in the hopes of it getting better There was no such luck I was taught that if you don t have anything good to say don t say it I think I already said the no good I will just share why this book did not work for me.
Bran is a social worker at a shelter that caters to human and vampire youths He knows about life on the street because he had to spend some time there and did some things in order to survive When he is beaten up almost to death, he is later rescued by a vampire Holy FUCK Check out that cover and what an awesome blurb MUST HAVE.
The first part was soooo long and tedious I sat there waiting for something to happen and all that happened was life as usual for the universe I kept waiting forI dunno, someone to get attacked or killed or exploded or something, but nope The way it s split into parts is at once too boringly unequivocal and awkward The way the first part ended really, really annoyed me It was actually okay up until then, and then it started drowning in kitschiness the LSD gimmick also annoyed me A lot Probablythan it should rightly do, but it did The rest of it was rather cringe worthy A lot happens and you think something s going to come of it, but really, it just fizzles out, ends not with a band, but with a whimper I really wish the author would have used the plot points This book has left me really confused, in the sense that I don t know whether I liked it or not I do not normally read paranormal books and I only picked it up, because my best friend is really obsessed with the living dead and I thought why not At least now I know, why not Because it s not my thing The characters were really flat and shallow but compared to the deeply troubled and mentally ill characters I m used to, that s hardly surprising, really and we re talking about Bran and Heath here, the whole personality of each of the secondary characters could be summed up to one word Throughout the whole book, I couldn t help but wonder What s the point The constant change of subjects didn t help very much If I had to compare this book to anything, it would be to a TV show like Supernatural without the M M romance unfortunately With every couple of chapters, the main plot would chan Meh I did find thisenjoyable than I expected, due to always being let down by Dreamspinner Press However, that s not to say this is real quality work I was not impressed by the opening scenes I realize this is erotica but beginning with something hot and heavy cheapens the whole experience.
The word usage is mediocre at best, and I think it s quite easy to tell that the author is good friends with a thesaurus What irked me the most was the situations and discourse between Bran and Heath a 900 year old vampire isn t going to behave like a teenager, no matter how in love he is Personally, being in my twenties, I feel like I haveballs than Heath in some ways, and that s rather pathetic to consider Likewise, 32 year old Bran has some age related shortcomings, such as when he compares Heath to his baby blanket.
The sex scenes aren t particularly engaging, just average much like

Review posted on World of Diversity FictionThe beginning of this book really disappointed me it was unorganized, confusing and just plain didn t make sense The story didn t start moving until about 35% into the book and for me that s way too far normally I ve pretty much lost interest by then but I stuck it out hoping things would get better and they do, for a while, then it loses me again near the end Tia Fielding s character Bran, who is the main focus of this book, was wonderfully written I got a real sense of who he was and that had me connect with him fairly soon in He was the only reason I continued to read it, I wanted to know about his life with the Elder Vampire Heath and what caused there split.
Unfortunately she didn t do as well with her other cha LOVE this cover LOVE

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