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[Virginia Macgregor] ê What Milo Saw [social-work PDF] Read Online ☆ Nine Year Old Milo Suffers From Retinitis Pigmentosa His Eyes Are Slowly Failing, And He Will Eventually Go Blind But For Now, He Sees The World Through A Pin Hole And Notices Things Other People Don T When Milo S BelovedYear Old Gran Succumbs To Dementia And Moves Into A Nursing Home, Milo Begins To Notice Things Amiss At The Home The Grown Ups Won T Listen When He Tries To Tell Them Something S Wrong So With Just Tripi, The Nursing Home S Cook, And Hamlet, His Pet Pig, To Help, Milo Sets Out On A Mission To Expose The Nursing Home And The Sinister Nurse Thornhill I was pleased by this book It was a good read, albeit predictable I wouldn t call it a page turner or unputdownable, but I did enjoy it well enough This book presents us with a boy, Milo, suffering from a rare eye condition in which he sees the world through tunnel vision that will ultimately lead to complete loss of his eyesight He has lived with it long enough that he knows how to deal with it and seems pretty capable for a boy his age He lives with his mother and gran, who has been a mute for many years, and he seems to be the one taking care of his gran for the most part and as such has grown very attached to her.
His gran, knowing it was time for her to live in a nursing home and relieve Milo of this huge responsibility, arranges a fire at their house that everyone assumes was accidental due to her forgetfulness His mother having had What Milo Saw is the beautiful tale of the unique perspective of a boy called Milo, who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa.
This condition results in poor eyesight which will eventually leave Milo to go blind but at the moment his vision is like seeing through a pinhole.
His reduced vision causes him to see things differently from others and he sees what most people miss.
Milo loves his gran very dearly and enjoys caring for her but when she is moved into the local nursing home, Milo is upset especially when he discovers the mistreatment Nurse Thornhill displays towards the old people.
This was an endearing novel full of love and tragedy.
The characters are easy to like as they re complex but intriguing.
The novel switches between several of these characters which aided the flow and entertainment of the book.
What Milo Saw is an enjoyable, easy read which managed to be funny and sad.
It deals w

I m not a kid you know, said Milo, standing up Milo is 9 years old Of course not That s why you re going to do the adult thing and go home you are going to do the extra miles The extra mile Make an effort Milo nodded but stared at the floor And if I m still not happy tomorrow, I can come back It is a promise Milo has Retinitis Pigmentosa , which is a degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment The peripheral vision becomes increasingly progressive tunnel vision eventually can lead to blindness What Milo lacks in vision hethan makes up for it in other ways People around him seem to beblind than this kid This is a gem of a story Much is centered around a nursing home Milo s favorite person on earth, his grandmother, Gran , has recently moved in Milo s other most favorite friend is Hamlet, his pet pig Milo seems to be the only person who is concerned that the older peopl I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley, a huge thanks to the publisher and author for the opportunity to review What a lovely book, profound, important, funny, poignant and enjoyable.
Milo has a rare sight condition where he sees the world through his eyes like a pinhole viewpoint This doesn t stop him from noticing things that others miss, he s clever, lovable and brave this young man He has a pet pig called Hamlet and loves his Gran very much The book switches viewpoints between a few central characters, which flowed really well in this novel Milo has concerns over the nursing home where his Gran has gone to live, he s a bit of an amateur sleuth and he doesn t like what he sees going on in the nursing home one little bit It raises important issues this book but does it with warmth and humour, a

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