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[Brenda Cothern] ñ Sixth (Mad Dogs, #1) [world-war-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò Although I m not exactly a shifters reader this book called out to me for its tie in to the military special forces genres, and I was definitely not disappointed It carries all that really, really well.
Although I felt the beginning set up went a tad too quick for me, it was just enough to roll into the rest of the book, which is stupendous and sets up the relationships and interactions of the team exceedingly well and the burgeoning attraction between the two snipers, M and B, well damn Now that s HOT How the meat and potatoes here The whole transitioning into a shifter for B and how the team guides him, wow The scenes between M and B are downright scorching.
I wasn t sure if I was going to read the whole series, but now I m convinced I wantof Brenda Cothern s, BCothernbooks , writing and I can t wait to see how Deployment, the book in Freebie atright now Brian Hay S Only Dream In Life Was To Be Part Of America S Elite, Yet Unacknowledged, Delta Force After Years Of Training To Be The Best The Th Ranger Regiment Had Ever Produced, His Dream Was Finally Coming True But What Starts Out As What He Thinks Is A Delta Hazing Op Soon Turns Into Much When Brian Not Only Becomes A Delta Force Soldier But A Mad Dog Author Note This Book Contains M M Adult Sexual Situations And Is Intended For Reads Of Legal Age In The Country In Which They Reside Please Store Your Adult Literature Responsibly Not really sure about this one Not ready to count it out as a series yet, but not ready to jump on the next one either.
I went in, expecting a nice shifter story.
Once it started, I felt like it was going to jump right to PWPso I made my peace with thatand thenNADA.
It felt like a set up for some filthy PWP, but nope I kept begging for so hot man on man actionbut what came out, not so hot.
These guys might accept it now, but they were turned into werewolves, and forced to give up any attraction to anyone of the opposite sex, even if they were strait Don t ya think they should have a say in this And a couple of the guys were married at the time this occurred HUH I wonder how their marriages would have continued Brian Hays wants to be a part of Delta Force He s the top sniper as a Ranger, now he hopes to be that with the Mad Dogs The five men of the Mad Dogs unit do not want or need a sixth, but they got one anyway There is a surprised that Brian is not prepared for when he joins the unit Now can he survive the hazing or is that what it is This totally caught me by surprise I had no idea it was shifter story, and what a pleasant surprise it was I thought the characters and story were great fun It s has some very hot sex Looking forward to number two.
I can t even get my English or my head straight to tell you what I think about this story.
First of all, this is just an intro, 148 pages that you are as clueless as you were before you started reading this story.
The plot is just one long mess, for example There are five guys in the Ranger unit who are werewolf and for what I tried to deduct they are mates not bonding mates but mates, who have sex between each other.
Mind you, Mr bookworm, one of the Ranger who is always have his face stuck on a book said that is nothing to do with being gay well honey let me tell you if you are having sex with 5 guys, that s mean you are gay.
When the new Human recruit Brian Hay, becomes a Delta Force soldier he also had to join Mad Dog team, so this story in one long plot about Brian becoming part of this elite and turning into a wolf.
I have read hundreds and hund Loved it so far but hate books with cliff hangers and shit Willing to wait to see what the next one wil be about so we ll see I hate that it ended at 85% cause I feel cheated when I do not get a book that 100% about the book and not just filled with other bullshit.

Gay Wolf For You A short kind of entertaining story with some sexy feral moments We have an Army Special Ops Delta team Mad Dogs consisting of five 5 men shifty shifter wolves that are top secret and unknown for their amorous supernatural abilities that are presented with a new non shifty recruit sixth addition to their close knit menagerie Now Brian Hays must endure and pass a most bizarre hazing initiation ritual of outrunning these 5 feral mofos because otherwise it s his said straight ass for their claiming I was fully down with the chase.
after Brian got his first two love nips the lust cloud sucking up his brain and flooding his dick with nonsensibility All bets were off Forget outrunning them Brian had to fight just his overwhelming need to climb up all Update 4 I m stopping here Werewolf orgies aren t my thing.
Update 3 Wow, that was some weird ass shit I don t know how I feel about it yet I ll review after I read the series Hopefully the next book will pull me in.
Update 1 Ends on a cliffhanger Will wait to read until series is complete.
Update 2 Series is complete It s time Overall book rating 3Audio Book N ABook Cover 2Ummmm yeah I really don t know It sure is something else Enough to maybe have me read on to see where the hell this is going I ll keep you posted then shall I

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