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Trailer À Cold Hand in Mine: Strange Stories PDF by ✓ Robert Aickman as far as my love for genre fiction goes, college did a number on me and for many years i scorned my old high school loves of fantasy, science fiction, and horror silly me i m glad i came back to my senses during college, only a couple authors escaped my new found scorn one of them being the amazing Robert Aickman pre college, i enjoyed his sinister tales of uncertain, indescribable menace in college, i found to my surprise that Aickman was a literary horror writer, and both my snobby new self and my buried deep genre lover rejoiced i could appreciate him with a complete absence of guilt if my postmodern buddies happened to notice his books on my shelf, i could defend him with ease his stories were multi leveled they existed as menacing tales of horror but they were also ambiguous, psychologically adept metaphors and analogies for life Good gravy, where do I start So it s taken me, on and off, nearly three months to get through this relatively ordinary sized short story collection and that ain t a good sign Of the eight stories here, one is really good and one is half decent the others Holy guacamoleshit you need the patience of a fucking saint to get through those The Hospice is the really good story A traveller is stranded in the middle of nowhere, stumbles across a strange inn, and stays the night there except the staff and guests are all weirdos When you can read a story straight and enjoy it on its surface level, that s great, but if it also contains layers to appreciate and read another way, then that s quite something And The Hospice certainly has layers it s essentially a metaphor for deat

The Swords 3 stars Although the worst story in this collection, creates a vivid atmosphere.
The Real Road to the Church 3 stars Atmospheric, but ending is heavy handed.
Niemandswasser 5 stars Haunting and utterly brilliant, one of Aickman s finest stories Pages From a Young Girl s Journal 4 stars Pastiche of early 1800s gothic fiction, well written and slyly humorous.
The Hospice 4 stars Surreal and grotesque portrait of a dead soul in purgatory.
The Same Dog 5 stars Haunting meditation on Time.
Meeting Mr Millar 5 stars More sly humour yes Aickman had a sense of humour, though not everyone will pick up on it in a story that could be regarded as an anti Semitic parable, like Peake s Gormenghast books although I doubt A 1 Ma evi 52 Pravi put ka crkvi 3.
53 Niemandswasser 34 Stranice iz dnevnika jedne mlade devojke 55 Kona i te 46 Isti taj pas 3.
257 Upoznati gospodina Milara 3.
58 uvar asovnika 3.
5 Robert Aickman s term for his stories is strange, and indeed they are, but I tend to think of them as disquieting His fiction takes me places that are not merely macabre or frightening I find myself as adrift as his characters, not quite sure what is real Much is left to my own imagination, and the most disquieting part is how I choose to fill in the gaps I am a great fan of weird and unsettling fiction Things that don t fall into neat categories please me And Aickman s ability to render atmosphere what I d consider the essence of weird fiction is incomparable A favorite story in this collection is Niemandswasser Though I m writing this review some years after having read it, I can still recall the story vividly, and as I do so, the sense of dreamlike disquiet returns Anyone who has rowed a small boat over an expanse of cold, dark, de Robert Aickman writes seriously weird fiction You enter his stories expecting it to take you somewhere frightening They do, but it is not the familiar, comfortable frights that you meet the map goes weird in the middle, and you are left stranded in a landscape designed by Kafka and M R James as a sort of joint venture.
The story which impressed me most, The Hospice , is a perfect metaphor for Aickman s tales A travelling salesman, taking a shortcut, lands up in an unfamiliar location Taking shelter at a sort of inn the Hospice of the title he has such a weird evening and night that you start expecting ghosts to jump out at you from every page But the author so skillfully pilots the story that all your expectations are belied yet he succeeds in disturbing you much than he would have had he used the usual ghoulies Knjiga Hladna ruka u mojoj Roberta Ejkmena je objavljena u okviru edicije Poetika strave Orfelin je nastavio sa nizom sjajnih naslova u okviru ove edicije, te i ovaj put imam samo re i hvale Pored pri e Ma evi , iz koje je izvu en naslov, knjiga broji ukupno osam pri a.
Zajedni ki element koji objedinjuje pri e u celinu jeste opisivanje osoba za koje se do kraja ne zna pripadaju li svetu ivih ili mrtvih, te pobli em opisivanju i predstavljanju duhova kao element jezovitosti Uz to, protagonisti se stavljaju u poziciju konstantnog preispitivanja doga aja oko sebe i sebe samih Posebno su mi zanimljiva mesta koje Ejkman opisuje ona su iluzije koje mogu navesti oveka da skrene sa pameti Ni ta manje zanimljivo jeste i dramsko vreme, koje je naj e e sme teno oko ratova ili The review by Mark Monday does a nice job of capturing the dual flavor of Aickman s short stories, configured as they are so that the bizarre, eerie and discomfiting events that transpire within ofttimes to a superficially normal middle aged bloke whose average, workaday life comes to be seen as bearing its own submerged peculiarities, debilitations, and tensions can be viewed through the lens of either supernatural visitation or psychological implosion, and may be interpreted as a grotesque theatre of uncanny occurrences or an earthly one endowed with modern symbolism Excepting the fourth tale, that is Pages From a Young Girl s Journal , in which Aickman abandons his trademark ambiguity and equivocality in order to directly access the otherworldly and its effect upon a young and naive English lass of aristocratic stock that is rapidly falling in value Interestingly, I find myself i Cold Hand In Mine Was First Published In The UK In And In The US In The Story Pages From A Young Girl S Journal Won Aickman The World Fantasy Award In It Was originally Published In The Magazine Of Fantasy Science Fiction In Before Appearing In This Collection Cold Hand In Mine Stands As One Of Aickman S Best Collections And Contains Eight Stories That Show Off His Powers As A Strange Story Writer To The Full, Being Ambiguous Than Standard Ghost Stories Throughout The Stories The Reader Is Introduced To A Variety Of Characters, From A Man Who Spends The Night In A Hospice To A German Aristocrat And A Woman Who Sees An Image Of Her Own Soul There Is Also A Nod To The Conventional Vampire Story Pages From A Young Girl S Journal But All The Stories Remain Unconventional And Inconclusive, Which Perhaps Makes Them All The Startling And Intriguing The Swords The Real Road To The Church Niemandswasser Pages From A Young Girl S Journal The Hospice The Same Dog Meeting Mr Millar The Clock Watcher I ve been looking forward to reading something by Aickman for quite a while now From what I had heard about his writing it seemed that his style of weird horror was just the kind of thing I m looking for now My anticipation and expectations having built up so high, I almost expected to be disappointed I wasn t.
Each and every story in this collection was powerful, interesting and strange The Hospice was a quintessential example of a weird tale as I ve ever read The Same Dog probably one of the most heart breaking and terrifying I ve ever read Pages from a Young Girl s journal was quite different, portraying a young English girl, travelling abroad, as she gets turned into a vampire.
Aickman s eloquent yet plain and precise prose made the stories a pleasure to read The characters are usually quite restrained, reserved and very British Explanations a

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