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[Amanda Anderson] ¿ Shadow (Defenders MC, #1) [gothic-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Shadow Had Lived On The Fringe Of Life Since He Was Eight Years Old He Had Been Too Cold And Distant For Anyone To Even Try To Reach Him Until He D Laid Eyes On A Twelve Year Old Girl Whose Life Had Just Been Ripped To Shreds, But Still Had The Courage To Reach Out And Touch His Arm Years Passed And Shadow Stayed Just Out Of Reach Of The Girl That Had Touched Him So Much Deeper Than Just Her Hand On His Arm As He Watches Her Grow He Realizes That She Is Home And That He Can Never Ever Have Her The Life Of An Old Lady In A Motorcycle Club Was No Place For A Woman Like Lacey Lacey Carson Had Lived In Fear For Fifteen Years, But Not Just Of The Devils MC That Hunted Her, But Also Of The Man Who Had Been A Dark Presence In Her Life Shadow Was Her Protector And Her Nightmare, Her Greatest Fantasy And Her Darkest Fear, But Could He Also Be The One Person That Could Fill The Hole In Her Heart And Could She Convince Him To Give Her A Chance On the short side Had a chance of being a good 5 with pages Hope book 2 is meaty SHADOW IS AWESOME What a man loved this book liked it a lotgood short read It started with an OMG I can t believe this just happened It had me from the start, but there were a few things in the middle that just didn t seem to fit, not to mention the ending was for me, very abrupt I guess after everything that happened throughout the story, I just expected a little of an ending Don t get me wrong, it was a good read, and I will definitely read if this series continues Shadow is a very complex man Although what happened to him as a child was traumatic, I just didn t feel it warranted the emotionless shell of a person he was If anything, I kind of felt like the h had it just as bad if not worse, so if anyone had a right to be messed up, it was her There was quite a bit of drama, and it had me wondering what the outcome would be Over all, it was ok and I would read from this author.
This is a new author to me and I struggled a bit with the rating It isn t that I don t like it but the story was lacking and I should have given it 3.
5 stars Lacey and Shadow met as children and meet later as adults when the author fast forwards 15 years and she is a college graduate and working as the ADA Shadow has always watched over her but always scared her too Shadow is going to claim her but then can t be with her because he doesn t feel worthy Enter Rider to be the romantic interest during a time Lacey is feeling alone and sad Return Shadow and the whores, by the way Shadow deserved the smack down Lacey gave him that brought him to his knees The back and forth between them is exhausting until Shadow finally pulls his head out of the sand, almost too late Note.
I nearly stopped reading when he took a whore t I have read the first six books in the series now This author and series have lots of potential because there is some good storytelling here But each book is missing enough development, and even though there is an entire series here and the author has lots of books self published, there is a lack of even basic editing at times with words misspelled, wrong names within the same scene, and time problems within books and across the series I sincerely hope that this author decides to take her writing to the next level by dealing seriously with her editing Giving this a 2 because of the very poor editing which just makes it hard to read.
Again, though, I say with all sincerity that this author should take her writing to the next level by seriously focusing on her editing.
I chose this book simply because.
well it s about a MC I didn t really know much about it I have to say I enjoyed it Lacey s life changed when she was 12 and Shadow s changed when he was 8 The events that happened shaped their lives as adults Lacey brought Shadow home I look forward to reading about the others.
Very good start to seriesShadow is a very broken man He lived through some horrible things as a child He even gets worse the he s asked to do for his club and to protect Lacey Lacey has been on the run from the Devils for most of her life.
Good read

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