» The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (Fairyland, #4) Ø Download by ã Catherynne M. Valente

» The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (Fairyland, #4) Ø Download by ã Catherynne M. Valente I escaped back to Fairyland because life had gotten a bit heavy and was in the need of a bit of souffle This is the first book of the series where September is not the hero What You ask.
Is Cat Valente trolling her readers removing from their eyes her wyverary and wayward girl from Omaha Is she falling into that dratted conceit of CS Lewis where people can be aged out of Fairyland and find the door barred No, not really.
It s just that this is a tale of a troll and a fetch who have to fetch their lives after they are kidnapped.
As before, this is a lovely book The wordsmithing is delightful, clever, and full of little chuckles It is an fair story though not a cruel or harsh one They say it s one for kids, but bah humbug The wise know better than to trust the labels of marketers Marketers wield mathematics when books are creat I just want to eat Valente s words All of them They re like cream cakes and jam covered scones and fairy cakes with buttercream and cookies with gooey centres still warm from the oven and Yeah, as usual, Valente s writing is great in The Boy Who Lost Fairyland, and I m not sure, but I think I may well prefer it in these self aware, charming, cheeky fairytales than in her adult novels It s beautiful there, too, but here it s stripped down to suit the audience and genre, and that works really well for it.
As for the story, well It s not about September, really Most of the time It s about another Changeling a Changeling in the opposite direction, who finds our normal world just as strange and magical as his own, and yet and yet he always knows something is missing, and he does want to find it He really does I m just a little s When A Young Troll Named Hawthorn Is Stolen From Fairyland By The Golden Wind, He Becomes A Changeling A Human Boy In The Strange City Of Chicago, A Place No Less Bizarre And Magical Than Fairyland When Seen Through Trollish EyesLeft With A Human Family, Hawthorn Struggles With His Troll Nature And His Changeling Fate But When He Turns Twelve, He Stumbles Upon A Way Back Home, To A Fairyland Much Changed From The One He RemembersSoon, Hawthorn Finds Himself At The Centre Of A Changeling Revolution Until He Comes Face To Face With A Beautiful Young Scientiste With Very Big, Very Red Assistant With The Boy Who Lost Fairyland, Catherynne M Valente S Wisdom And Wit Will Continue To Charm Readers Of All Ages This fourth installment doesn t follow the adventures of September in Fairyland as the previous three have Here we meet Hawthorn and Tamburlaine, a troll and a tree girl who hide their secrets in the human world until they find each other, and together find Fairyland September does of course put in an appearance, but she is by no means a main feature of this story And to be honest I loved it all the for it As with all Valente s work it s beautiful and lyrical, whimsical and a bit melancholy This series will forever have a very special place in my heart.
Hawthorn the Troll does not know it but he is about to go to a strange new worldAfter being blown away by the first three books in Catherynne M Valente s Fairyland series, for some reason this one did not grab me with the same intensity I can t quite pick as to why It was not that for the most part we are minus the characters that made the series what it is, namely September and her Wyverary friend Ell, or the new ones because they are all delightful and the story once again boasts a wonderfully imaginative world, both bizarre and delightful.
The story takes the series in an opposite direction from the first three with a young troll named Hawthorn who is taken from his world to the one of Humans Naturally he is confused by this new land with rules he does not understand f There s a fourth and fifth extreme happy dance Sometimes, magic is like that It lands on your head like a piano, a stupid, ancient, unfunny joke, and you spend the rest of your life picking sharps and flats out of your hair So true But sometimes, magic is what Cat Valente does to my imagination and my heart every time I pick up a Fairyland book.
The fantastical adventures continue in this chapter of the story, except this time instead of seeing Fairyland from an outsider s perspective, we see our own world reflected through the eyes of Hawthorn the troll, a Changeling Growing up in Chicago, he has to learn to navigate the Kingdom of School and the rules of what is Normal And yet the things that trouble this troll will sound pretty familiar to human readers he feels uncomfortable in his own skin, wonders constantly what he will become, and struggles to fit in with the Other Children.
If you haven t been following the saga so far, this Trigger warnings Violence, bullying.
20 7 2019I stand by everything I said last time The end 22 3 20164.
25 stars It took me a while to get into this one It s quite different to the other books in the series, especially given the part where September is barely in it It s set in Chicago as much as Fairyland, so it s almost the reverse of the other books I knew going into it that September, A through L and Saturday were barely in it, so I was pretty hesitant But the characters that we meet here are similarly wonderful and full of life Hands down my favourite was Blunderbuss, and I can t wait to see what part she plays in the final book in the series, because seriously she s awesome I loved the lists of rules, the quirky weirdness, how September continued to be trickled into the story throughout, and the writing is

7 10Look around you, little blind mouse Everything rhymes There s the Guava Grove on the edge of Lava Cove, the Savannah of Bananas, beaches full of peaches, moonflowers growing in the evening hours And look there the pink backed snake basks in the shade of the ink black mandrake, the cuckoos in the bamboo, the wide mouthed frogs in the seaside bogs, the crocodiles sleeping in the hollyhock isles, the ocelots among the apricots, the mistletoe twists round branches of pistachio, the plum trees gossip with the gum trees, dryads tango through the mangoes and when night falls, the fruit bats and the muskrats and the wildcats and the wombats hold their wild sabbats on their thorny ziggurat If you look closely at the world you will see that it is made of nothing but interlocking verses Welcome back to the carnival of words, to the land of fairies where everything is possbile if you can I always thought I would like this volume least of all boy, was I wrong This time we are not following September on one of her adventures in Fairyland This time we see a wind the Red Wind take a troll baby and swap it for a human baby Thus, Hawthorn grows up as Thomas in Chicago at the same time September lives he s only about 3 years younger.
Naturally, he is a fish out of water and doesn t even remember why.
Basically, this book is about being different, not fitting in anywhere and how one copes with that but also how other people treat you We have Thomas mother who loved their little games when he was little but is sort of helpless now that he is older and still particular We also have Thomas father, a psychologist, who is not at all OK with his son s unnormal behaviour.
And then we have view spoiler Blunderbuss, Thomas Wombat come to life with this fantastic observation Eve

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