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[John C. Wright] ✓ The Nominated Short Fiction Works [presidents PDF] Read Online â Contains:
One Bright Star To Guide Them
The Parliament Of Beasts And Birds
The Plural Of Helen Of Troy
Pale Realms Of Shade John C Wright received some of the most nominations for this year's Hugo ballots, ranging from related, short story, and two novellas.
I intended to read all works from the point of view that everything ought to have a chance, no matter the stigma surrounding it.
That being said, it was hard to miss that this came out of Vox Day's camp.

I read these, dutifully, and I even found a great deal about them that I liked.
For one, the author has an otherworldly grasp of run on sentences detailing great long swaths of outofscene plot.
A first glance this might seem like a bad thing, but I don't mean it that way.

It's lyrical and forces us to use our imaginations and wonder about all the great doings that were long past or in the personal history of the narrator and his childhood friends.
(One Bright Star to Guide Them).

I think they are quite worthy of Hugo nominations.
The lyrical prose of some of these might be offputting to some people, but I like the style.
Also, being challenged with new words, or rather old words that aren't used much these days, isn't a bad thing.
Charlotte MacLeod was probably the best at working those words into a story, but John C.
Wright is quite good as well.

One Bright Star To Guide Themis well written high fantasy.
Somewhat reminiscent of CS Lewis.
I enjoyed the story with the small exception that it felt like I jumped into the middle of something, that there was stuff I missed because I should have read another story beforehand.
Very enjoyable tale, though.
4 stars

Parliament of Beasts and Birdsmore fantasy with a very overt religious bent.
Also we One Bright Star to Guide Them
Stop if you've heard this one before: four children find a pathway to an enchanted world where they help the good guys fight the bad guys…
I have to admit, I haven't read Narnia, but even then the comparison is pretty obvious.
Having said that, the novel sets itself after the kids have grown into adults, so it's not that bad.

What is bad, however, is the writing and the story.
Much of the novel is spent with the main character describing events that happened in the pastnot the way a novelist would, but the way a badly articulated regular Joe does.
(view spoiler)

“The monster looked like a freakish cross between the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow, the guy who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men from that radio program, and beneath that, a knight from Avalon in plate armor of purest gold.

That's right.
John C.
Wright is describing what something looks like by referring to a character in a radio program.

As for the individual stories:

Pale Realms of Shade: Starts off as a ghost story told from the ghost's POV, ends up as Jesus fanfic.

The Parliament of Beasts and Birds: More Jesus fanfic.

One Bright Star to Guide Them: an This collection of works by John C.
Wright contain three Hugonominated novellas – One Bright Star to Guide Them, The Plural of Helen of Troy, Pale Realms of Shade, and one nominated short story, The Parliament of Beasts and Birds.
Wright has a well honed ability to create a diverse set a specific moods and tones through his dialogue and language, and these three in particular range the gamut between classic fantasy, timetravel paradox scifi, and twenties noir detectives.
I reviewed The Parliament of Beasts and Birds separately, but am choosing to review all three novellas together.

★★☆☆☆ – One Bright Star to Guide Them pays homage to The Chronicles of Narnia.
Adult Thomas is visited by an old friend, Tybalt the black cat, reminded of his childhood adventures, and seeks his three childhood com I tried to approach this with fairness and an open mind and not be influenced by the debate going on about the 2015 Hugo Nominees.
But as with most of the rest of this year's crop, I'm afraid I couldn't find any here worthy of a nomination, much less an award.

I kept waiting for "One Bright Star to Guide Them" to turn into satire or something like a postmodern reading of C.
Lewis, until I realized Wright was being straight serious.
And rather pointless.

"The Parliament of Beasts and Birds" is just inyourface religious moralizing.

"The Plural of Helen of Troy" is the best of the bunch, but is too contrived to stand up to much scrutiny.

"Pale Realms of Shade" has an interesting story, again spoiled by religious moralizing.
And Wright is definitely not afraid to show what he thinks of other religions either: "There were Wright's other two Hugonominated novellas from 2014 are less successful than One Bright Star to Guide Them.
The Plural of Helen of Troy is structured as a number of 1950era time travel stories.
It might have been written as late as 1970, based on the individuals referenced within.
What it's trying to say with those characters is either opaque or terribly simplistic.

Pale Realms of Shade tries to wrap a Catholic apologetic within the husk of urban fantasy.
But again it's oddly driven by nostalgia for the noir era without using the inspiration successfully.
Take extreme ratings of this book with a grain of salt, as these stories are caught up in the Hugo Kerfuffle; many people are rating it either one or five stars without even reading it.

One Bright Star to Guide Them 2 StarsReally didn't care for this one
Pale Realms of Shade 3.
5 stars
The Plural of Helen of Troy 5 StarsThis one blew me away.

The Parliament of Beasts and Birds 4 stars I actually liked the Narnia pastiche story (not really Hugoworthy, but an entertaining enough story all the same), but found all the other stories in this collection unreadable.
Not because of lack of technical skill on the part of the authorthey just failed to capture my interest enough to warrant finishing them (perhaps I was driven off by the strong Catholic elements in each story which quickly grew stale).

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