Ç The Black Planet (Steven Gordon Series, #2) õ Download by Í J.W. Murison

Ç The Black Planet (Steven Gordon Series, #2) õ Download by Í J.W. Murison This sequel to Teardrops in the Night Sky turned out to be even better than Murison s first novel It was an enjoyable read with entertaining characters It looks like the author left plenty of room for a third novel in this Steven Gordon series I hope Murison continues to develop his talent and keeps improving his stories He has a good start on character development and has created likable characters with individual personalities that set them apart from each other Even the aliens and the star ships are interesting individuals I would like to see the author go deeper into each one s personality because I believe the personalities that Murison has created are interesting enough that the reader wants to get to know them even better If a new book is written in this series I will buy it I will also keep my eye out for other Murison novels.
Great second book This picks right up where the first book left off The plot is well thought out and flow very well I was sorry to come to the end of the book, I hope,there will be .

Black planet much better that mostmGood read slightly different that many first contacts and space warfare I like the Scottish story line.
Gordon was a interesting sort I liked Charlie s enhancements Black PlanetJust finished book 2 of the series and loved it thought it was better than the first one I can t wait to get the next book in this series especially if they are as good as the first two.
Wow Quite a story Fantastic innovative concept Big on the fantastic But that s what is all about And of course was a real page turner And no waxing I REALLY LOVED THIS SERIES what a read.
Dear readers I have read two books now.
interesting, is not the word I could not put them down.
try them I m off now to read no three can t wait.
so enjoyable.
off now.
ian Rather simplistic and military bias in this sequel.
In This Second Adventure, Steven And His Friend Reach Out Into Our Solar System Halfway Between Our Sun And The Great Barrier They Come Across A Previously Undiscovered Black Planet While Exploring This Strange New World They Come Across A Strange Alien Structure, And What They Find Inside Will Change Human History Forever A Desperate Race Ensues To Save Mankind From A Dreadful Foe Steven Finds Himself Having To Drag The Human Race Up By Its Bootstraps And Into A New Age This is the second book in the Steven Gordon series, and while I find the characters and the story engaging and well developed, the narrative suffers when it comes to the really large mistakes made by failing to understand some really basic science something like sound doesn t travel in a vacuum or scientific terms, and it s something that shouldn t happen in a sci fi book Over all I enjoyed the book, I ll probably buy the next one and I hope as the series progresses some of these issues will be addressed.

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