Trailer ¾ Obsession (Breaking Elena, #1) PDF by ¾ Regina Shiderly

Trailer ¾ Obsession (Breaking Elena, #1) PDF by ¾ Regina Shiderly When Elena Trainor Found Out She Needed Five Thousand Dollars Quickly, She Had No Plan In Mind Then Serendipity Dropped Into Her Lap Things Began To Happen, Plans Fell Into Place She Didn T Know, Couldn T Know, That Behind The Scenes, There Was A Puppet Master And She Was The Puppet This Is The Story Of Twenty Year Old Elena Elena Makes A Difficult Choice And Decides She Has To Break The Law To Get To Where She Needs To Be When She S Caught, She Has To Decide If She Is Going To Play The Only Card She Has Giving Up Her V Card To A Man Old Enough To Be Her Father WARNINGS This Is Part One Of A Novella Coming Soon Is Part Two, Breaking Elena Twisted This Story Contains Strong Language In The Form Of Dirty Talk And Cursing This Story Is Meant For Adults Only This Story Also Contains Elements Of Age Play, Virgin First Time Sex This Is Not A Typical Feel Good Romance Story It Is An Erotic Love Story But That Love Story Is Horrifyingly Twisted read At Your Own Risk Caution minor spoilers I loved the book, Her Alpha Wolf, which was written by the same author so it was an easy decision to one click the purchase of Breaking Elena The writing is once again superb and drew me in like a fast moving, rumbling freight train into a tight, dark, wet tunnel That s the best analogy I have and is why I am not an author, Lol Don t be fooled by my 4 star rating This could have easily been 5 stars except that the story is very short and it is reallyof a quick introduction to the series than a full book Albeit, some very important things were introduced in this first book and it DEFINITLY held my interest I don t know where the series is going yet, but it appears that a hot relationship is brewing between an older man and younger woman Both the H h seem to have psychological issues and a need for each other The way they meet is a very interesting storyli

I actually really liked this book The plot was good Elena has some serious issues I don t know if her family member caused them or if she was born with them I liked all the set up and manipulation I also loved the fact that she gave her annoying, screwed up coworker The Business There was only one part that almost made me sick, literally That was when she squeezed between the toilet and the wall Don t ask me why certain things makes me feel ill LolI seen the next book in the series is onI ll give my full review once I m done with the series I have to say that I favor this story over the Grizzly one The plot was perfect and unique Also, I was looking for the parts that was hard to understand but I never found them so I don t know what s up with that Maybe I m used to it I can tell you that my grammar with writing is not top Had to change my rating because I actually just truly finished the book Yes it was short but it was good.

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