Ó Starkissed Î Download by Ö Lanette Curington

Ó Starkissed Î Download by Ö Lanette Curington Pretty tame, almost lame inter species romance If you re expecting graphic smut look elsewhere Still had a fun time buddy reading with the lovely MacHalo ladies that cover.
Buddy read with the MacHalos Aug 28 She S Human, He S Not, But Together Leith And J Qhir Struggle To Survive On An Alien World, Defeat Interstellar Treachery From A Mutual Enemy, And Confront Their Growing Attraction Leith McClure Reluctantly Takes Over The Family Shipping Business Due To Her Father S Illness She Is Shocked To Find Her Father Has Been Trading With The Zi When A Trusted Friend S Betrayal Leaves Leith And The Warrior Of Zi Marooned On A Deserted Planet, They Must Learn To Overcome Their Differences To Survive And To Explore Their Mutual Attraction A wonderful sci fi romance The sci fi elements were fine but this is really a relationship story Very good alien developement This alien was really alien, not just a guy from another planet His culture was well developed and logical It was wonderful to see the relationship between two such disparate people develop The sex scenes were well placed and understated The romance was heartwarming I recommend it to sci fi romance readers who are looking foron the relationship side rather than the space ship side.
Buddy read with the MacHalo LadiesI was mislead That cover tells me with it s badly copy pasted design that it s going to be awesomely bad and smutty I mean just look at that hip holding foreplay going on, so smutty It was none of those things No smut This has ruined the alien smut streak with the MacHalos The first half of this book seriously annoyed me It was slow, full of unpronounceable made up words that weren t necessary to the story, robotic delivery on descriptions, and boring The most annoying part of all is J Qhir s parseltongue ways It s all with a sssss, like a snake hissing words If I wanted to read that, I d read Harry Potter Jess s review explains this best The rest of the book moved slowly as w 3.
5 stars 0.
5 stars for our alien So this was a toss up between a meh 3 and a liked it 4 star rating On one hand I loved that there was an actual alien alien male MC and not just some human you know, human but with some extra special features like really cool tattoos or glowing eyes To quote another alien enthusiast, Aliens do it better That s the way alien smut, or in this case rather, alien lurrrve stories should be I m not doing a big plot rehash It pretty says it all in the book blurb Leith temporarily assumes command of the family business while her dad is sick While conducting a transaction with a Zi warrior, or THE Zi warrior J Quir, her father s trusted second in command, Steve, goes rogue, locks up Leith and J Quir, double sells the merchandise to another group, and then dumps Leith and J Quir on an uninhabited planet, to live out their days, however many that may be You can 2 1 2 Please, forget that awful cover it should be forbidden , this is a sweet romance set in space I admit I m biased by my experiences many books that call themselves or are defined as sci fi romance are the worst kind of trash, in which the alien cyborg your choice is a sorry excuse for pornographic stories All of them end in my trash bin I m so surprised when there s actually a plot and a story in a book of this kind Here there s a slow build of romance between a earthling woman and a humanoid but not ape like alien stranded on a planet It s not erotica, it s a romance in which being different is not a sorry excuse for a sex scene but a real cause of misunderstandings and culture clashes.
5 StarsI was quite impressed with this book although the cover could be better.
Leith is forces to work at the family space shipping business when her dad falls ill When a co worker turns evil crazy guy, he leaves her stranded on an alien planet with J Qhir There is some heavy attraction between these 2 but they don t quite know how to deal with each other Leith is human but J Qhir is the Zi warrior and his species has much different views on male female relationships.
This is a great story of survival, acceptance and love.
The only reason it didn t get 5 stars is because I found the ending a bit abrupt and I wantedI m going to contact the author to see if she plans on continuing this awesome tale.

I m going to keep thisss ssshort and sssweet.
Thisss wasss not asss bad asss I wasss expecting I mean come on, look at that cover I truly thought I was going to be mentally ssscarred from this reading experience.
And while thisss isss definitely no Barbarian Alien, it wasss alright It isss a love ssstory It had the ssslow burn feel of a Grace Draven book, without the flowery writing It had a sssurvivor feel with them being marooned on the desssserted planet and it wasss all very nice I wisssh that J Qhir and Leith could have figured out their situation a little better and fassster The I don t know what he wantsss Doesss ssshe want to be with me ssstuff wasss overdone at the end and I just wanted to basssh their heads together to communicate Communication people, it makesss the world go round The sssex, while interesssting to have the different anatomy of J Qhir, left me wanting Probabl The book blurb warns about graphic sex and some readers have classed this book as erotica It s not This is a pretty shallow romance novel in a SciFi setting Our heroic couple is stranded on a hostile planet and the inevitable happens Love, sex, some drama, some hostile animals, some angst The female heroine is a virgin, the male hero is honourable, and so on and so forth There is some fighting, some betrayal, some misunderstanding and bad communication.
I liked him well enough, although he keepsss talking in thisss annoying manner throughout the book And ssshe eventually even imitatesss him.
She was the reason that I almost tossed the book 21 years old, going on 12, telling him knock knock jokes, teaching him tic tac toe and checkers And then running off in a huff, when he wins.
There were some good ideas in this story, but none of them were real

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