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[Garrett Cook] Í A God of Hungry Walls [muslimah PDF] Read Online ☆ This book is a visceral tour of the nature of greed, desire, and the shadows we carry with us from one life to the next Reminiscent of Clive Barker before he discovered the notion of redemption, the writing is heavy and intoxicating, it is all too easy to get swept up in the nightmares the insatiable house offers It ends in the only way that it can, but not the way you expect This book grabs you by the bones and leaves you with a broken heart.
Despu s de leer Un dios de paredes hambrientas me ha entrado una bajuna por ver que lectura encuentro que se acerque a este nivel.
When You Are Within My Walls, I Am God I Have Always Been Here And I Will Always Be I Have Complete Dominion I Control What You See, What You Feel, And How You Think I Will Bend Reality To Whatever I Wish I Will Show You Your Worst Fears And Make You Indulge In Your Darkest Desires Your Pain Is My Pleasure Your Tears Are My Ambrosia Your Despair Is My Joy I Will Break You I Will Ruin You Once You Enter Me, There Is No Escape I Will Own You, Forever From Wonderland Book Award Winning Author, Garrett Cook, Comes A Haunted House Novel Unlike Any You Ve Ever read Told Entirely From The Perspective Of The Haunting, A God of Hungry Walls Is A Perverse, Violent, And Soul Crushing Take On Supernatural Horror Okay, I thought about this for like a month I feel incredibly guilty over my 3 star rating I don t normally feel guilty over ratings or reviews The guilt isn t from being friends with the author either Being friends with me doesn t guarantee a good rating I can be harder on people I know Anyhow, this is a good book Solid writing, and very horrific Also, it s one of the most creative haunted house novels ever I m very rarely scared or horrified by most horror these days I m either too medicated or too jaded Shrug It s the perfect book for Deadite Press to have published.
The problem is with me There s quite a bit of sexual violence, which I m currently very uncomfortable with It s hard for me to read it without feeling panicky or freaking out My therapist and I are currently working on my issues dealing with rape, and how to heal from it I th The first thing you need to realize about Garrett Cook is that he is a seriously deranged individual I say that with only half of my tongue firmly in cheek His last two books, Time Pimp and You Might Just Make it Out of This Alive are weirdly brilliant Dadaist masterpieces of craziness existing somewhere between the landscapes of Manga and Freud If only the rest of us were this deranged At first, it seems that Cook has returned to Earth in his new novel, literally and figuratively A God of Hungry Walls is a haunted house story set firmly on earthly soil Haunted houses are a traditional fixture in the the realm of fantasy and horror But the author does not do traditional The main departure in this disturbingly violent and erotic ghost tale is that it is told tot Repetitivo, sin sentido, aburrido.
Un dios de paredes hambrientas apoya gran parte de su desarrollo en el desplazamiento del punto de vista hacia la casa encantada, y describe de forma exhaustiva todo tipo de suplicios, incidiendo especialmente en humillaciones de car cter sexual Con un ritmo narrativo directo y cuidado, lograr conectar y mucho con los lectores a los que por una u otra raz n ese torrente de violencia consiga perturbarles.
Rese a completa Sovint llegim per passar ho b Gaireb sempre, excepte quan llegim per obligaci manuals t cnics, apunts, instruccions Aquest no s un llibre per passar ho b Tampoc s un llibre de passar ho malament per gaudir, com un d Stephen King, per exemple Aquest s un llibre per deixar se endur per les emocions m s brutes s una porta oberta a una ment perversa i malaltissa, la del D u que habita les parets de la casa i que ens ensenya les ments perverses i malaltisses dels seus habitants.
M agradaria dir alguna cosa positiva d aquest llibre per l nica que se m acut s que cal llegir lo Cal empassar se l amargor de cada paraula com una medecina que no ens cura per ens permet seguir vius una estona m s Vius per poder seguir fent la voluntat del D u de parets famolenques.

Here is a house that is ruled by a cruel and greedy spirit Anyone who enters the house becomes his Even after they are dead, they still belong to the despotic essence The spirit in the walls is draconian and will show no mercy unless it is his will to do so The residents of his house are lead into seductive and depraved acts in order to satisfy the master s whims, and they easily succumb to his decadent and extreme demands Their god is omniscient But what is this murmur in a closet It is unfamiliar to the master For the first time, he knows doubt Surely this can t continue Hell hath no fury like a household scorned This is an extreme horror story with lots of meat on it s bones And you know what happens to meat Highly recommended, but read at Estoy leyendo mucho el comentario de no es para todo el mundo y efectivamente, est claro que formo parte de ese % que no disfruta leyendo constantes abusos sexuales y torturas porque s No soy precisamente una persona de piel fina como para escandalizarme con este texto, pero la mayor parte del libro me ha parecido un cat logo de sufrimiento y gore sin motivo alguno Las partes en las que la casa habla sobre los habitantes y la manera de referirse a s misma como un Dios justo me han gustado, y en general valoro que una editorial como Orciny traiga este tipo de textos, pero no es mi tipo de libro Cuando lo comentemos en el club de lectura seguro que ampliar mi visi n del mismo.

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