✓ The Fool (Games We Play, #0.5) Ì Download by ✓ Liz Meldon

✓ The Fool (Games We Play, #0.5) Ì Download by ✓ Liz Meldon I received this book from the author through LoP in exchange for an honest review.
Delia is a hunter who craves the greatness that has successfully evaded her during her short career Tired of picking up low level goons, she decides to jump on a hot tip regarding an evasive high level vamp that is destined to finally boost her career Armed with an ill thought out plan, she enters the vampire masquerade and finds who she is looking for in a way that she never expected.
If you re looking for a vampire novel with a slight twist, this is the short opener that is bound to lead to a great series Liz Meldon gives us a taste of the series We have Delia, a bit of a hot head who is desperate to finally catch a break in her career She s stubborn and shortsighted, but she s well aware of her flaws and does not apologize for it We are introduced to a couple of people in Delia s world, in The Fool is a prologue to the upcoming novel, The King Delia is a vampire hunter who wants to prove herself and earn the respect of her peers This is the first time any author has considered the professional challenges of being a vampire hunter and belonging to an organization, like the League which added something new to the story The description is minimal, subtle and pulls you deeper into the story The pacing is great, I completed the book in a single setting The writer is seriously gifted, I was curious and entertained as the story moved further The Fool is interesting, enigmatic and I can t wait to readabout him I absolutely enjoyed The Fool and am waiting eagerly for The King.
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
One Night Can Change EverythingThat S What They Always Say, And For Now, Vampire Hunter Delia Hopes It S True After Years Of Mediocre Performances, She S Nothing Than A Grunt In Her Hunter League, Stuck On Surveillance Duty And Low Level Vamp Busts So, When Her Informant Drops An Amazing Lead In Her Lap, She Jumps At The Opportunity To Take Down The Region S Rud Vampire Leader At An Invite Only Masquerade Ball Clad In A Mask And An Uncomfortable Dress, Delia Throws Herself Into The Fray Only To Realize She S Woefully Unprepared For The Night That Awaits Her, And The Only Person Keeping Her From Drowning In Failure Is A Sinfully Handsome Masked Man Dressed As The Fool One Night One Job One Man One Chance To Change Her LifeAll She Has To Do Is Not Screw It Up The Fool Is A Novella Intended For Readers Aged, And Is The Prologue For The Paranormal Romance Serial Games We Play what a fool I was Liz Meldon totally fooled me with this one.
After years of mediocre performances, Delia Roberts decides to jump on a hot tip regarding a big fish A high level vamp who will give her the chance to boost her career as a vampire huntress All she has to do is stab the fucker and get out of there Easier said than done, right .
One chance to change her life Don t fuck it up, Delia But well, shit happens and she got distracted A distraction in the form of a ridiculously attractive guy dressed as the Fool A guy who is far from what he seems The Fool will introduce you to a world where Vampires and humans try to coexist but this doesn t mean that they have a good relationship Vamps have to follow some rules, If they are broken, they are hunted I confess that even though I wasn t feeling the story du The Fool laughed and gave her waist a little squeeze Ah, but we re all liars in our own way As soon as I saw vampires and masquerade in the description, I knew that I had to read this book I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book Liz Meldon does a fantastic job describing the setting for us I had the perfect picture in my mind of the elaborate garden party masquerade ball I love the writing style With this being a novella prologue the first book, The King coming out later this year I felt we still got to know our characters pretty well I read this book cover to cover one night before going to sleep The next morning, I read it again, cover to cover That s how much I enjoyed this bookI recieved a copy of the book fro I stumbled upon this book by pure chance and I am very happy I did First off, I am new to the adult paranormal romance genre so this was defiantly something new to me, so I can t really comment on how original it was, but it was very enjoyable I loved that this reminded me of a darker, most adult Buffy which is one of my favorite shows I am very interested in seeing how this series plays out and will be picking up The King immediately This is my first book by Liz Meldon and I found the writing amazing It was detailed enough to paint a picture, but was not overly flowery I found the pacing to be perfect The beginning was a bit slow, but then picks up and never relents I loved the plot of this and how it ended It was an great set up for the next book and I am VERY excited to see what happens next I was surprised how detailed and developed these characters were with how sho Quick little prologue about a vampire hunter that s trying to prove her worth by trying to find a top vampire instead she meets a sexy mysterious man and ends up having sex with himshe s gets bitten by him and finds out he s the one she s supposed to looking for.
lol whooops I really liked this.
I need to readparanormal romance Super excited to read The King next and see where things lead for Delia and Claude.
Oh wow.
YES Seduction can be a dangerous game A cat and a mouse The cat believes it to be the cat, but is it the mouse I loved the dance that brought the two main characters together So subtle, so yearning, so exquisite I truly enjoyed their little dance around each other I don t want to say too much hopefully I haven t already , but this was a fascinating read I didn t think I d like That s why I put off reading it for so long.
I fell for The Fool The characters were developed and I could see their backgrounds I like how you integrated it into the storyline without having an info dump That helped the plot flow so smoothly A vampire hunter who needs money and a ball party with vamps and humans Such a good clich idea that was made into a funner read That plot twist that I should ve seen Ugh so marvelous I am SUPER happy I didn t rea

Sometimes you just have to read about sexy vampires to get you out of a reading slump I received this for review but that doesn t change my opinion in any way This wasn t the best novella I ve read but not the worst, and I think that my main problem was the writing style and the fact that I couldn t click with it.
It s a very very short read and I think you should give it a change if you want to see how it is, if you like the style, the characters, so you know if you buy and read the next book or not For me, as I said, it wasn t amazing, it had some good parts here and there, but didn t blew me away Especially, because I was expecting to be charmed by the writing style and I didn t And this is a very important thing for me, because if I don t care for what I read what I would read it The characters seem pretty interesting and I m sure that in the next books they ll bedeveloped and we ll find out

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