↠´ The Fourteen Dalai Lamas: A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation Ú Download by ✓ Glenn H. Mullin

↠´ The Fourteen Dalai Lamas: A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation Ú Download by ✓ Glenn H. Mullin The Th Dalai Lama, Winner Of The Nobel Peace Prize And Spiritual Leader Of Tibetans In Exile, Is Well Known In The West, But The Year Tradition To Which He Is Heir Is Less Familiar In This Book, Mullin Offers The Life Stories Of All Dalai Lamas In One Volume Though narrower in scope than either Laird or Norman s work, this book is incredibly detailed Mullin is fluent in Tibetan and will translate some of the Dalai Lamas works in their entirety, and has access to records most English readers will never have It s also really incredible to have access to the Dalai Lamas search records, the inner workings of their courts, and detailed accounts of their lives and teachings which you will not find in the above books The main problem with this book is that Mullin doesn t work at all to hide his spiritual preferences I.
e he s a Tibetan Buddhist and while his academic information is well researched and cited, he lets his religious leanings color some of the writing.
This is an extraordinary work that as far as I know does not occur in English anywhere else It includes extremely detailed accounts of the recognition of the Dalai Lamas going back to the 15th Century and earlier Not only that, but it includes the details of their lives, where they went to teach, and how they influenced the growth and development of Tibet as a nation state, and its eventual collapse under the Chinese Communists There are only two issues I have with this book The first being that Glenn H Mullin, despite being one of the premier Tibetologists not that there are a whole lot of them is also a devout Tibetan Buddhist While I consider myself a Buddhist, I also take issue with allowing one s prejudices to come through so thoroughly in my work Mullin several times uses the pronoun I when he cou Not only a good survey of these sages, but some of their bodhisattva teachings are included for most of the Dalai Lamas.
A convincing argument for reincarnation Glenn Mullin did a fantastic job with this book It s on my read list and it ll be going into my to read list as well This is a must read for anyone the least bit interested in Buddhist history From faithful believers to cynical historiographers and the lamas themselves, all points of view on the fantastic stories of the Dalai Lamas past get equal time Then he blends them together seamlessly allowing the reader to both revel in the storytelling and make his her own decision as to the truth of it all Excellent book.
I m kind of stuck in the middle of this one Gonna put it down for awhile and move on The Fourteen Dalai Lamas A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation by Glenn H Mullin takes us back into the Tibetan history soaked up with their culture and times during the wars within and pressure from the outside of the country It is not a fast read, after all, we are peeping at the history of Tibet, which of course would take time and imagination to witness the era The work can be considered as a collarge depicting the lives and times of Dalai Lamas.
The book starts with an introduction of Ati a, who was born in West Bengal, India but later relocated to Tibet He is the key figure in disseminating Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in Asia during the 11th century He was the founder of many temples, monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet Lama Drom Tonpa, who had passed 36 previous lives, was his chief disciple He was also considered as an incarnation of bodhisat

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