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[Alex Miska] Ô The Boyfriend Recipe (Moore Delicious #1) [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Read Online õ What Would You Do If You Humiliated Yourself In Front Of A Naked Kitchen Adonis And Then He Appeared In Your Bakery Months LaterDAVID I Watched In Horror As My Sister Shattered Yet Another Poor Guy S Heart Only This Time, I Can T Get Sweet, Sexy, Straight Hunter Out Of My Head My Daily Latte Runs To Moore Delicious, The Bakery Where He Works, Aren T Helping And Now I M In A Bind My Favorite Cousin Insists That I Attend Her Wedding With A Date So She Whips Up A Half Baked Scheme That Will Piss Off The Family That Disowned Me And Secure An Ally By My Side Ask My Sister S Ex To Pretend To Be My Boyfriend The Question Is, Will Hunter Agree To Play Along HUNTER Six Months Ago, I Walked Into My Apartment To Find A Gorgeous Man Standing In My Kitchen, Wearing Only A Towel And A Smile And What Did I Do Instead Of Saying Hello And Joining Him In Nudity, I Stormed Into The Bedroom And Accused My Girlfriend Of Sleeping With Her Brother To Be Fair, I Didn T Know He Was Her Brother At The Time, And She Really Was Cheating On Me Just Not With Him So I Hide In The Back Every Time The Naked Kitchen Adonis Visits Moore Delicious Until The Day He Asks For Than His Usual Coffee, Cookie, And Suggestively Shaped Banana His Proposal Is Intriguing I Like It And Him A Weekend Spent Serving Up A Little Revenge While Cozying Up To The NKA Is Than Tempting The Lengths We Ll Have To Go To Make It Believable Definitely Won T Be A Hardship But If Things Heat Up, David Will Be The First Man I Ve Ever Slept With Ingredients In THE BOYFRIEND RECIPE Include A Sweet And Spicy Fake Relationship, A Scrumptious Marketing Exec, A Mouth Wateringly Handsome Engineering Student, As Much MM Romance As You Can Handle, And Frosted With A HEA Ending It Contains No Cliffhangers, Is Gluten Free, And Has No GMOs, But Is Sprinkled With A Few Nuts From The Moore Romance Series This Book Occurs During The Same Summer As A Chance For Moore Moore Romance, Book The Boyfriend Recipe Contains Steamy, Explicit Love Scenes Intended For MATURE Readers Only Actually like 2.
5 I enjoyed the beginning, and the end was okay, but the middle As I said, I found it hard to keep track of who was speaking, even though each chapter was labeled I also would have enjoyed seeing conflict between David and his parents There were only a couple of times they really interacted As for Tonya, either she was a bitch or she was spoiled and either way, I didn t like her very much.
This book was a little on the shorter side at only 2hrs long But it was still super cute and had some funny moments, just like Alex Miska s other books in The Moore Series I really do love this authors books She knows how to pull you in and keep you entertained no matter how long the book is or who the characters are and what happens in the storyline This book is a spin off of the Moore Series by the same author and its awesome that we get to see some of those characters show up in this book too.
After David s sister cheats on Hunter, David searches Hunter out, not only to apologize but he also has a totally hairbrained scheme for them to become fake boyfriends in order to get back at David s sister Hunters ex, but to also shock the rest of David s family at a family event Th

This definitely did NOT fulfill its promise KUing this This sounds cute, fun, and fluffy So why not Here s to this one fulfilling its promise.
Contrary to what the top reviews here on GR say, I thought this story was adorable It was a quick, easy read, cute and quirky and fun just what I need on occasion I do agree that there was a little confusion at times, as to whose pov we were in, even with the chapters being differentiated I think that might be because the author didn t use the characters names as much as you see in other m m books But honestly, that really didn t detract from the story, just something worth mentioning since other reviewers pointed it out.
This is spin off of the author s Moore series, and I definitely plan on going back to catch up on those books, after meeting some of the characters in The Boyfriend Recipe Borrowed through KU.

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