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[ Pdf Edge Í scooters PDF ] by Ben Lyttleton ✓ Fascinating studies written in a very clear and accessible way Illuminating to read such varied accounts of success and development, then over time ultimately seeing the recurring threads that bind all the innovators in this book together Hugely enjoyable and educational Well done all involved.
What Is Talent How Do You Fulfil Your Potential How Do You Create A Winning Team These Three Simple Questions, Which Are Fundamental To The Running Of Any Successful Business, Take Ben Lyttleton On A Fascinating Journey To Some Of The World S Top Football Clubs To Discover The Innovative New Methods Of Developing And Maximising Talent Football Is The Most Hot Housed, Intense, Financially Profitable Talent Factory On The Planet It S Time We Woke Up To The Lessons It Can Provide Elite Football Clubs Across Europe Are Identifying New Ways To Measure Intangible Skills Above The Shoulder , Such As Teamwork, Adaptability, Decision Making, Resilience And Creativity These Clubs Have Revealed How They Get An Edge And You Can Do The SameBen Lyttleton Speaks To Some Of The Most original Thinkers In Football, Going Behind The Scenes At Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Liverpool, And The France National Team, To Pinpoint The Skills And Methodologies That Are Not Only Relevant To Football But Also The Business WorldWe All Want To Have An Edge This Is Your Chance To Find One This book is like a road trip, where Lyttleton interview many top level soccer coaches, to learn about modern techniques for getting the best out of players and everyone in involved in football teams though mainly players.
It was interesting, an enjoyable read, and at times entertaining, but the subtitle is What business can learn from football , and the book doesn t really live up to that billing Sure there are parts where it s obvious, but each chapter could have done with a final section distilling down the message, and then a final chapter distilling the whole book The Epilogue kind of does that, but reads like the editor told Lyttleton it was needed, and he bashed it out in double quick time.
I d give it 7 10, rounding down to 3 5 Needs some rework and editing for tightness.
Although its about what businesses can learn its also a very interesting book if your a football fan.

How do you get an Edge in football You do it by eating half time oranges just look at the cover of this book No, that is not really what this book says The book s aim is to discover how certain teams or individuals in football have gone about getting an Edge a competitive advantage and then how that can be applied in the business world Edge is broken down into five aspects, a chapter covering each Cohesion, Adaptability, Decision making, Resilience and Creativity.
The book starts at Athletic Club de Bilbao and focuses on their Basque only policy In today s global football world they restrict their player pool to an area with the population of 3 million making them different and an interesting case study In fact I thought all the case studies in this book were good picks Even controversial clubs like RB Leipzig are not overlooked They do it a different way, which everyone I have read a lot of books about business and peak performance see my numerous reviews here on Goodreads and I must say this book is ACE I am a football fan but a also an entrepreneur Ben Lyttleton has done extensive research and brought it all together with an engaging and practical style I disagree with some of the negative reviews about this book I captured a number of very useful lessons applicable in business from the footballing world Interesting to see what the scouts look for in young players Not so much the skill but how a player reacts when he makes a mistake, misses a penalty and loses the ball Resilience is an important factor in order to achieve success You are going to make mistakes along your path, you neeed to learn and move on The book also talks about environment and how that influences a player There

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