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Download Epub Format Ï We Hope for Better Things PDF by ✓ Erin Bartels Masterful writing and storytelling I was captivated by this book and continue to think about it long after finishing the last page It s obvious that the author spent a long time carefully crafting the characters and storyline Very engaging Would highly recommend.
This is a heartbreaking, heartwarming story about love and hate across generations of women in a Detroit area family Bartels does a beautiful job of showing how racism has affected the love stories of three women living in three different eras Though her novel is technically historical, the messages she conveys are universal and gorgeously written.
When Detroit Free Press Reporter Elizabeth Balsam Meets James Rich, His Strange Request That She Look Up A Relative She Didn T Know She Had In Order To Deliver An Old Camera And A Box Of Photos Seems Like It Isn T Worth Her Time But When She Loses Her Job After A Botched Investigation, She Suddenly Finds Herself With Nothing But TimeAt Her Great Aunt SYear Old Farmhouse, Elizabeth Uncovers A Series Of Mysterious Items, Locked Doors, And Hidden Graves As She Searches For Answers To The Riddles Around Her, The Remarkable Stories Of Two Women Who Lived In This Very House Emerge As Testaments To Love, Resilience, And Courage In The Face Of War, Racism, And Misunderstanding And As Elizabeth Soon Discovers, The Past Is Never As Past As We Might Like To ThinkDebut Novelist Erin Bartels Takes Readers On An Emotional Journey Through Time From The Volatile Streets Of S Detroit To The Underground Railroad During The Civil War To Uncover The Past, Confront The Seeds Of Hatred, And Discover Where Love Goes To Hide I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of Erin Bartels debut novel and thoroughly enjoyed it Bartels adeptly weaves together the stories of three generations of women in Detroit and the surrounding area who grapple with issues of race relations and persecution, societal boundaries and love, family and self realization Mary, Nora, and Elizabeth are loosely related by blood, but deeply connected through their beliefs, convictions, and willingness to defy the status quo I was particularly impressed with Bartels rich descriptions of post civil war struggles and the 1960s race riots Despite the weightiness of these topics, the book is sewn together with sturdy threads of optimism, resilience, and faith in our future It s a must read for those who love historical fiction or meaningful romance, stories about race relations or the complexities and ironies i This book is a moving, multi generational story about three women who decide to follow their hearts, even when their families and the rest of society tells them they re wrong The prose is lovely and engaging, and the characters jump from the page For all the heartache within this timely story, I also found it to be immensely comforting reading this book was like putting on a warm sweater and sipping on hot chocolate I highly recommend it.
I received a free e copy of We Hope for Better Things by Erin Bartles from NetGalley for my honest review.
A captivating and beautiful masterpiece that will pull you into the lives of all the characters in this book You will feel like you are walking in each of the characters footsteps as you go through each generation of this family s lives You will feel the love, hardship, drama, and pain as you read each page An amazing read that will not disappoint We Hope for Better Things by Erin Bartels is a one astounding read This literary debut novel holds so much intensity I felt the pain, loss, love, and hope It was like a fresh battle wound that would not fade A constant reminder of what never died Still wounds like these exist, today.
In this story, I was swept up into the drama mystery of one journalist s family history An interracial marriageback then, it was not looked upon as happy thing It was seen as a deterioration to society s rules Racism was strong then and still is now People still fight against one another, white versus black Black versus white The pressure and troubles that came with the characters choices were seen, heard, and lived through these words I

The story of three women separated by generations but joined by blood and the strength of their convictions, Erin Bartels debut novel masterfully weaves a trio of interrelated timelines one taking place during the Civil War and its aftermath, another during the Civil Rights Movement and incorporating the Detroit riots of 1967, and the final in the present day Each of these three alternating sections contains enough plot and secrets and surprises to take up an entire book, but where Bartels truly impresses is in her juxtapositions of the novel s parts, guiding the reader gracefully back and forth in time in a gripping and steadily building narrative This book evokes painful periods in our national history, but it does so with grace and deferenc Elizabeth Balsam is working for the Detroit Free Press as a reporter when James Rich asks her to find a relative she s never known in order to deliver some things, including an old camera and photos Elizabeth finds this odd and doesn t address it, until she loses her job and has free time to think about it When she visits her great aunt s old farm house, she finds plenty of intrigue and mystery along with the story of two resilient women who previously lived in the house Facing war and racism, these women are strong and forces to be reckoned with We Hope for Better Things covers the Underground Railroad, as well as the race riots in Detroit The star of the show is the characters, though Memorable, fallible, warm, and charming, I simply loved them and their story Overall, We Hope for Better Things is a beautifully told story filled with secrets and su I received this book for free from the publisher Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review This was an insightful historical novel about three generations of women from Detroit It takes place during the civil war, the Detroit riots, and present day Out of the three stories, I found Mary s the civil war one to be the most compelling and interesting The present day storyline was probably the weakest just because there wasn t anything super exciting going on and it wasfocused on discovering what happened in the past I liked how the three stories intersected and connected The events were woven together nicely and I liked how the secrets slowly unraveled I also liked that it took place in Detroit and talked about the riots because that isn t a topic that is often discussed I also appreciated that the au

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