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[Nils-Aslak Valkeapää] ð Trekways of the Wind [vtol PDF] Read Online ß Valkeapaa Is One Of The Sami People, An Indigenous Ethnic Group Formerly Called Lapps Of Northern Scandinavia And Russia He Was Born To A Reindeer Herding Family, But Left To Become An Artist The Breathtaking Drawings And The Dazzling Jacket And Endpapers Are His The Drawings Often Continue Seamlessly Over The Edges Of The Pages, So That A Single Line Across A Double Page Turns, As The Page Turns, To A Horizon Line, Following The Lines Of The Poetry It Is Clearly, Very Clearly, Lyrical, Expressing An Organic Relation To The Natural World The Beloit Poetry Journal His Poems Rise Directly From The Yoik Tradition, At Once Intimately Personal, Traditional And Evocative Of A Huge Landscape W S Merwin Translation Review This is a wonderful collection of poems And a lot of the poems really strike a chord in me He writes beautifully and simply about life, love, meaning, solitude, nature and society.

Valkepaa writes It was not the wind you heard It was me, my voice If this does not make you want to read this collection of arguably the most haunting poems from arguably the most important Sapmi Laplander Native arctic poet, then, as Screamin Jay Hawkins sang, there s something wrong with you.
Beautiful book, both in the art and in the words I m really glad I got to read it through school I m also really glad I bought it I want to have in my bookcase, and take it out now and then when I need to relax, and just look, and read, and let it do it s magic again and again.

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