ð Arm the Children: Faith's Response to a Violent World (Byu Studies Monographs) ✓ Download by ☆ Arthur Henry King

ð Arm the Children: Faith's Response to a Violent World (Byu Studies Monographs) ✓ Download by ☆ Arthur Henry King Not what I was expecting but really, really good Extremely meaty I will easily be able to read this a half dozentimes before reaching the tip of the iceberg.
Written by a Mormon, there were a few concepts that did not dovetail with my own faith, but many, many that do So much to think about Docked a point because the author was DECIDEDLY opinionated and in a way that brushed aside any other opinions Still I thoroughly enjoyed the essays talks took lots of notes and VERY much look forward to my second read through.
I first found Arthur Henry King on the internet many years ago from an article entitled, Art and Morality The article was so inspiring, and of such high thoughts that I had to find everything possible that was written by Arthur Henry King I found many other articles and then this book, which I absolutely loved as well I go back to it often for many reasons One chapter I particularly love is, Joseph Smith as a Writer The insights and examples describe Joseph Smith s modest account of the first vision Plain, matter of fact, truthful, simple statements in well mannered prose This is no posture We are not thinking of Joseph Smith we are just waiting, waiting, waiting to hear Do you see how beautifully this is built up, how the tesion is built up by his being so modest, so well mannered Fascinating He also confi There s one passage in this book that sums the total experience well We should not use artificial flowers in our homes Okay, so far so good It may be argued that artificial flowers can be made to look like real ones so that it is difficult to tell the difference But is not simply a matter of sight, but of touch and of scent No artificial petal can provide the soft brush and cool feeling against the cheek that a real petal can Yes My thoughts exactly, and well said Artificial flowers are sometimes said to look better than real ones At the point that we think so, that we prefer plastic flowers to the ones that God has made, we are in serious moral danger Waitwhat Serious moral danger Are you serious Oh my goodness, you re serious Not following you that far, Arthur.
And so it went from literature Shakespeare and Dickens, but certainly not Hemingway, who was an inferior writer t

Challenging reading deep insight from a true scholar and educator and faithful Latter day Saint Worth the time to read carefully.
I have read this completely once and reread parts a number of times The first time, it took quite a bit to slog through the first time Honestly, in some ways, he seemed a bit extreme However, over time I have found myself understanding better the concepts he was trying to convey There are still some parts I m not certain about, but overall I think he has a lot of great insights related to how the gospel should inform our understanding of the world and thus our actions.
I first became acquainted with Arthur Henry King late one night on BYU TV in the documentary Speak That I May See Thee I became fascinated with his views and experiences I especially enjoy how he shares things he has learned in a personal way From this book I learned some very basic and lessons like teaching a child, and the importance of material and objects The neatest part is how he is a teacher and scholar and he takes on his role of teacher in a very meaningful way.
I love love that he is Traditional English and a writer and his story is SO compelling and inspiring He had a quest for truth and speaks and explains his journey so exquisitely.
An amazing book Each chapter is self contained and goes through all sorts of philosophies and ideas I particularly enjoyed his thoughts about Joseph Smith s writing But that said, my booked is marked up all over the place Shakespeare, suggested reading lists, thoughts about the gospel and music, and muchawait the reader I think it should be in everyone s permanent library.
Review By Terry C Warner The First Precept I Heard From The Lips Of Arthur Henry King Was That An Author Is Revealed By His Work Attitudes, Prejudices, Morality, Commitments All Are Unfolded In The Works Of Any Given Author At The Very Least, This Expanded And Edited Volume, Which Draws Upon Arthur Henry King S Earlier Work, The Abundance Of The Heart, Reveals The Man Without Being Overtly Autobiographical If This Work Reveals The Man, He Was A Man Of Firm Convictions, Of Great Humility, And Of Guilelessness He Made The Historical, The Cultural, The Philosophical Accessible In This Book, This Convert To The LDS Faith Affirms The Life Changing Experience Of Finding The Restoration Of The Gospel And Then Draws Upon The Understanding Brought By It To Recast The Meaning Of Academic Inquiry, Tradition, Judgment, Language, Education, Effective Writing, And Wholeness The Depth And Breadth Of This Book Is That It Is An Expression Of A Man Whose Way Of Being In The World Unfolds By His Reflections On How The Restored Gospel Transforms The Meaning Of Everyday Life And Of Our Grand Purposes Here Our Salvation And Our Happiness Hinge On Being Persons Of Commitment To Light And Truth The World Seems Constantly To Offer Counterfeits To That Light The Pure Hearted Can Tell The Difference When Those Seeking To Be Pure In Heart Raise Children, Teach In Homes And Schools, Are Administrators In Organizations, Or Seek To Understand Art, Literature, Or Language, They See Possibilities And Understandings To Which The Worldly Are Blind Arthur Henry King Offers A Light Which Helps Illuminate One Measure Of His Success Is That By The End Of The Book The Reader Discovers He Or She Has Been Turned Not To The Author, But To Christ Not To Procedures, Policies, Or Rules, But To The Grand Invitation To See Earthly Experience By Being In The Restoration Lovely, lovely book with an extremely unfortunate title What on earth were they thinking down at the BYU when they chose this title King s essay describing his first encounter with Joseph Smith s account of the First Vision is a great read I also enjoyed his perspectives on culture and the Church.
This book is hard to read because it is filled with abstract concepts, but it s worth reading It gave me different perspective in how and what to teach my kids It s hard to pinpoint exactly what I learned from it, but it changed my frame of mind.

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