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[Gabriel Tarde] Á Fragment d'histoire future [women-and-gender-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á Gabriel De Tarde Was A Well Known French Sociologist And Criminologist Underground Man, Published In , Was Written To Dramatize De Tarde S Theory That Man Is The Creature Of His Social Environment In The Story, Mankind Is Driven Underground By The Extinction Of The Sun Attitudes Change Dramatically As The Migrants Drill Deeper And Deeper The Book Is Divided Into Three Sections In The First, De Tarde Ironically Outlines Man S Struggle To Build A Utopia In The Second, The Sun Turns Red, The Sea Becomes Ice, The Air Begins To Fall In Flakes Of Nitrogen And Oxygen Persuaded That Power And Heat Can Be Obtained From The Center Of The Earth, The Survivors Start Digging Enormous Crypts Here, Under The Earth, They Build A Genial And Artistic Community, With Marvelous Labor Saving Machines That Enable Them To Concentrate On Creating Works Of Art The Moral Of De Tarde S Tale Is That In The Proper Environment Man Can Do All Things Even Overcome His Own Basic Nature I wasn t going to bother with a review for this but it was so bizarre I just couldn t help it An absurdly silly yet still entertaining post apocalyptic tale that chronicles man s shedding of his restrictive evil nature and the realization of his perfection through the evolution of group cooperation and herd behavior When the sun suddenly dies, the remaining populations on earth are forced to move their societies underground Like Noah and his ark full of animals and plants, they take with them their most valuable items for rebuilding their new world also paintings, bronzes, violins, and books of poetry After a few centuries of subterranean slaughter, somehow the inevitable victors emerge secular saintly aesthetes who create a romantic neo tro

read the blurb, then skip it and go read H.
G Wells.
Pero para el te rico, para el artista, para el esteticista de todos los g neros, producir es una pas on, consumir es un gusto Puesto que todo artista es tambi n un aficionado pero su afici n, relativa a las dem s artes antes que a la suya, no representa en su vida m s que un papel secundario comparado con su papel especial El artista crea por placer y s lo l crea de esta suerte Algunos indicios me hacen pensar que la chispa que inpiro al creador de Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann surgio de este libro.

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