Download Epub Format ✓ Sex and the High Command PDF by á John Boyd

Download Epub Format ✓ Sex and the High Command PDF by á John Boyd Reminiscent of Dr.
Strangelove, this is fine satire.
Any attempt to take it seriously would indicate a faulty sense of humor.

My favorite part:
"Where's this boy you done been spoke for to with at?"
A thud from Steward's direction caused Hansen to glance over and down, to see that the grammarian operative had toppled from his stool.
In the blue light of the radio shack, Hansen could see the eyes staring into infinity, and he knew that faulty grammar had killed the grammarian.
A heart which beat through three prepositions at the end of a sentence had been stopped by four.
The book first published in 1970.
I love the back cover blurb: “Women’s Lib Gone Wild”; and the author John Boyd dedicates the book to the Greek dramatist Aristophanes and the American comic/satarist Lenny Brucean interesting choice.
Aristophanes, of course, wrote the play Lysistrata in which the women of ancient Athens and the rest of Greece withheld sex from the men until they stopped the Peloponnesian War.

However in Boyd’s book the women want to do away with men entirely.
As the back page says: ‘It spelled war between the sexes.

I found the book disjointed in parts.
At times is was down right confusing.
There was a host of characters coming in and out of the book.
While I enjoyed the different personalities and their individual quirks, I never really seemed to get to ‘know’ them.

The ending of the b Very unentertaining book! WOMEN'S LIB GONE WILD

Dr Henrietta Carey, Leader Of The Fems, Was The First Woman Candidate For President And The Perfector Of VITALERP, A Biological Skin Cream Designed To Do Away With Superfluous Men It Spelled WAR BETWEEN THE SEXES

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