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[Jacques Carelman] ¹ Catalogue d'objets introuvables [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¸ Tr s fantastique Most peoples introduction to Carelman s work, mine included, has been through the reverse teapot design on the front cover of Donald Norman s The Design of Everyday Things The artist s whimsical designs are an impossibilist s delight ranging from hammers made of glass to curved shotguns for people who can t shoot strait, fanciful chairs that could never balance to umbrellas with multiple domes to accommodate small families There are hundreds of drawings mimicking the black and white engraved style of old merchant catalogs illustrating tools, clothing and architectural details that cannot fail to bring out a smile Shoes that point both ways, faucets to manage nasal drip and a Swiss army knife that includes a feather duster, pipe, toothbrush AND a revolver, no doubt handy for committing the perfect crime A wonderful collection of visual parad Jacques Carelman was a French illustrator who created parodies to bring humor to his works His Catalog of Fantastic Things is one such example it contains illustrations of impossible objects, laid out much like a mail order catalog There isn t much reading to do instead, you marvel at the photos Need a square shaped traveling globe Fold it neatly and transport it easily Why go on chasing a round globe as it rolls away from you Or, how about a comb fork with curled tines, so you can fish that hair out of your soup I love these sorts of books for their wacky ideas and will probably hang onto my copy for future brainstorming purposes.
rad hilarious.
Les Activit S Humaines Sont Innombrables Et Vari Es Certains D Tournent Des Avions, D Autres Des Fonds Publics Ou La Conversation Je Pr F Re, Quant Moi, D Tourner De Leur Usage Courant Les Objets Usuels C Est Moins Dangereux, Plus Honn Te Et Infiniment Plus Divertissant Mes Objets, Parfaitement Inutilisables, Sont Le Contraire De Ces Gadgets Dont Notre Soci T De Consommation Est Si Friande Si On Me Le Demandait, Je Les Qualifierais De Po Tiques, Hilarants, Absurdes, Philosophiques Ing Nieux, Morbides, Pu Rils, Profonds, D Risoires Le Lecteur Serait Alors Pri , Selon Son Humeur, Ses Go Ts Et Sa Culture, De Biffer Les Qualificatifs Inutiles

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