Download Epub Format » One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success PDF by ☆ Marci Alboher

Download Epub Format » One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success PDF by ☆ Marci Alboher This book is worth the read but the format of the book is cluttered and ultimately laborious.
The author interviewed real people who currently hold multiple careers Unfortunately, she opts to jump from person to person and then close each segment or chapter with a two or three line summary Throughout the book, she jumps back and forth between different people, sometimes returning to highlight a different perspective of a person she already presented, making the book farcomplicated than it needs to be.
In taking this approach, the author ultimately spendstime praising the people she interviewed rather than providing actual guidance or tips to the readers who may be trying to break into multiple careers The book would have been significantly stronger and farhelpful if the author had spenttime and lines developing tips and to I thought One Person Multiple Careers The original Guide to the Slash Career would be full of helpful tips about work life balance or doing two things at once, but really it sof a book about how to do something different once you re done doing the first thing It sabout how to launch a second career, rather than how to do things simultaneously In that sense, it wasn t very helpful to me, but might be to someone else in a different situation read my full review here Though it s about slashers the US only, I still found plenty of inspiration and food for thought in the personal stories told in this book I read this at the right point in my life.

Love this book It s not a new publication published on 2007 but still has lots of ideas that inspired me Good, but could be better only describes several stories of people who carries multiple careers.
In One Person Multiple Careers , Marci Alboher simply and clearly provides both anecdotal evidence and effective tools to help any person trying to expand the boundaries of their work life.
The book is both solid journalism as well as a real gift for those who find themselves struggling to determine how to shape their careers It s a book that can help further one s desires for afulfilling career, and also, because of the wide variety of people profiled, and the care and passion with which Marci has approached her topic, a pleasure to read.
That s wonderfull bookso inspireand soooooo me , I love itthat the answer for my career, this book explained about slash career and how to handle many activities.
Are You A Slash With Technology Giving Us The Ability To Work From Anywhere And The Nine To Five Grind Becoming A Thing Of The Past, And People Are Building Careers Filled With Slashes From Lawyer Chefs To Police Officer Personal Trainers To Mom CEOs, These Creative Thinkers Have Discovered The Antidote To Boredom, Burnout, Job Insecurity, And Many Other Workplace Woes Filled With The Stories Of Scores Of Those Who Have Achieved Financial And Career Success With The Slash Effect, ONE PERSON MULTIPLE CAREERS Will Show You How To Balance Multiple Careers Without Feeling Overworked, And Still Have Time For Friends And Family Prepare A R Sum , Bio, Or Web Site That Best Presents Your Unique And Varied Talents Use Your Current Career To Help You Cultivate Slashes Negotiate A Customized Work Arrangement With Employers As someone who actually is a slash, I was pretty excited to read this Currently straddling between yoga teaching and corporate America, I was hoping this book would better help navigate me through the emotional battle that is less discussed, and how to better easily manage very conflicting parts of my life However, it fell flat for me This is not to say that there were some nuggets in here, I just didn t feel it resonating as much with me and it feltlike a textbook It also was pretty outdated while I knew that going in, it s worth mentioning before you pick the book up Lots and lots of mentions to being an ebay selling superstar, but honestly, I find that slash antiquated and not very common this day in age I think Alboher was and st On the recommendation of Bren Brown in The gifts of imperfection I bought this book I doubt it would have come across my radar otherwise I m so glad I came across it as leading a slash life is something I am very interested in but I didn t know it was truly possible or could be successful until this book The book is an easy read and is based mainly on examples case studies rather than heavy theories It presents the idea that it is possible to create the life you want to live by choosing to construct and mould your own career You do not have to be only one profession Instead of putting yourself in one box self employed, academic, corporate, civil servant etc you can instead mix and match and create a slash career that s right for you I really enjoyed this book and although it is not the greatest techn

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