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Download Epub Format õ Belonging to Them PDF by Û Brynn Paulin Well it was defintely a different one Usually in a menage relationship, the girl gets attached to all of them but in here she s only on Jaimie I have no problems with Dave and Sean but it s just different With the sex, I think there wasn t much foreplay but then who needs foreplay when being in the same room with those hunks is already foreplay.
Cerita yang aneh.
tapi lumayan seru dan HOT.
hm, buat penyuka menage.
ini lumayan asik.
apalagi kalo di perpanjang dikitsoalnya ada jalan ceritanya walaupun aneh hahahhaa image error THE worst m nage I ve ever read Mainly because there isn t an actual m nage It s just the main guy sharing Very misleading title and cover and that pissed me off.
Let s discuss the other issues with this book the storyline Taking it as it is, basically a beauty and the beast story with sharing, it s still the worst beauty and the beast story I ve read The heroine arrives in a town as damsel in distress, hero gets put into a position to save her, falls in love with her because she doesn t mind his scars and amputated leg shakiest foundation for a relationship ever , and HEA Does he ever get to know the heroine Nope He knows a little about her job, and her previous relationship with a jerk That s IT She also knows almost nothing about him, although still much The person who invented m nage would be very disappointed with this book, mostly because IT ISN T A M NAGE, just some guy sharing his girl.
I should probably be embarrassed at even marking this as read, let alone giving it 3 stars, but seeing as I have no shame I figured what the hell.
Rayna pulls into a small town populated almost exclusively by men her car needs repairs only she lacks the necessary funds Fortunately for her, the hot men working in the garage will happily complete the repairs for her as long as she agrees to be theirs for the week And so starts a series of menage a trois, quatre, cinqand they re held here there and everywhere I d hate to be a CSI technician working there, it would look like someone had taken a bucket of body fluids and gone to town.
The story itself is flimsy Rayna s on the run from her abusive ex, blah blah blah and the decision to turn it into a soulmate thing whatever wasn t really needed but the many sex scenes are rather hot, even if I did eww a little at a

Strong 4 stars Some parts were overly dramatic and cheesy, but I enjoyed it overall Nice smut with some content.
Another in the multiple partners genre, this one is set in small town USA where the male population outnumbers the females so disparately that all the women are in menage relationships When Rayna rolls into town and promptly has her car die on her, it s just her luck that the four men who own the local gas station are looking for a fifth On the run from her stalkerish ex and not looking for a relationship, Rayna finds pleasure in the arms of all four men, but only one of them makes her heart race Jamie s insecurities about himself and his physical issues gave this story a bit depth than I expected Fun, fast and hot.
Wow what a hot sexy read Love this Only complaint is that it is to short So much could have gone into this book to make it longer That said I still really enjoyed it and I did not feel like anything was left out Just could have been made into Great story line and I loved the characters New author for me and I have to say I will read from her Really good short sexy read.
I had so many problems with this book First off, there were multiple problems with editing Some of the phrasing was clumsy and off Then there s the issue with the book featuring multiple partners, without giving time to developing the many characters in the story I have no impression of the three lesser members of the menage, just names They re nothing than cardboard cut outs, a gimmicky way to initiate group sex, I guess The hero never really comes across, I do know he feels sorry for himself, and he s strong, because the author repeatedly tells us that he is And the heroinewell, she starts off okay then becomes terribly stupid I really hate a heroine that starts off feisty, then devolves into a sobbing female The villain Slimy, weasly, whiny, skinny, twerpy So why in hell was she with him in the first place, and what ma Book One In The Daly Way SeriesOn The Run From Her Past, Rayna Halliday Is Devastated When Her Old Car Breaks Down In The Middle Of Nowhere She Soon Finds That Her Ex Has Managed To Block Her Credit Cards, Her Accounts And Even Her Cell Phones In An Attempt To Exert His Control Over Her Giving In To Him Is Something She Refuses To DoWhen The Owners Of O Keefe S Gas And Repair Come To Her Rescue, They Make Her An Offer That Tantalizes The Forbidden Desires Within Her She Can Find A Way To Pay For The Car Repairs Or She Can Belong To Them For Two Weeks And They Ll See To Her Repairs For Free At The Sexual Mercy Of Four Gorgeous Men For Two Weeks Why Not She Can Have Fun And Get Things Straightened Out, All At Once But There Are Two Problems Heading Her Way An Ex On A Rampage And Her Heart That S In For Than Just Fun

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