ó Test Driven Development for Embedded C Ê Download by ï James W. Grenning

ó Test Driven Development for Embedded C Ê Download by ï James W. Grenning Awesome read, a real eye opener for me and probably one of the best introductions to the subject I really like how James Grenning sticks with the TDD cycle It feels weird at first but the implications on your code design become obvious and the reader is amply rewarded in the later chapters I d love to know the author s opinion on other test frameworks like google test, though.
This book changed my mind about programming TDD helps keep programming process under control.
This has to be one of the best technical books I have read clear, concise, to the point, good examples, well written AND interesting topic Nice Well worth the time Very accessible and insightful I am integrating these ideas and practices into my daily work already.
Grenning presents a unit testing methodology of programming in this book that is tailored towards embedded development The first part of the book was the most valuable, with an overview of what test driven development TDD is and why he considers TDD to be of value in software development He covers some of the unique challenges of using TDD with the C language and work arounds for these issues Overall, this is a great reference with plenty of examples on how to begin using TDD.
Great insights into test driving Embedded C.
Another Day Without Test Driven Development Means Time Wasted Chasing Bugs And Watching Your Code Deteriorate You Thought TDD Was For Someone Else, But It S Not It S For You, The Embedded C Programmer TDD Helps You Prevent Defects And Build Software With A Long Useful Life This Is The First Book To Teach The Hows And Whys Of TDD For C Programmers TDD Is A Modern Programming Practice C Developers Need To Know It S A Different Way To Program Unit Tests Are Written In A Tight Feedback Loop With The Production Code, Assuring Your Code Does What You Think You Get Valuable Feedback Every Few Minutes You Find Mistakes Before They Become Bugs You Get Early Warning Of Design Problems You Get Immediate Notification Of Side Effect Defects You Get To Spend Time Adding Valuable Features To Your Product James Is One Of The Few Experts In Applying TDD To Embedded C With HisDecades Of Training, Coaching, And Practicing TDD In C, C , Java, And C He Will Lead You From Being A Novice In TDD To Using The Techniques That Few Have Mastered This Book Is Full Of Code Written For Embedded C Programmers You Don T Just See The End Product, You See Code And Tests Evolve James Leads You Through The Thought Process And Decisions Made Each Step Of The Way You Ll Learn Techniques For Test Driving Code Right Next To The Hardware, And You Ll Learn Design Principles And How To Apply Them To C To Keep Your Code Clean And Flexible To Run The Examples In This Book, You Will Need A C C Development Environment On Your Machine, And The GNU GCC Tool Chain Or Microsoft Visual Studio For C Some Project Conversion May Be Needed Location ND5 IRCAccession no DL026828

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