Download Epub Format ☆ Case Closed PDF by å Gerald Posner

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America was done a great disservice by not having a full trial of Oswald.

While this book is meticulous it its examination of the actions, beliefs and motivations of Oswald, the author does have one annoying aspect that seeps into his analysis of the most prevalent conspiracy theories.
He constantly refers to those who pursue various conspiracy stories as "buffs".
This is a slight and belittles those who have arrived at a different conclusion.
Would Posner the author like to be constantly called a lone gunman buff or single shooter theorist?

That small matter aside, I am convinced that Oswald was the only shooter.
And I really wanted to believe that some conspiracy had to be the truth.
The evidence is jus Posner does a superior job of running down all the allegations and conspiraicies.
His detailed run down of the facts, rumors and innuendoes is impressive.
For those who think there was more than one person shooting that dayread this book.
For those who think that Lyndon Johnson was involvedread this book.
The pristine bullet is explainedwhich has subsequently been proven through use of computer modelingto have hit both the president and the governor.
And the bullet was not pristineconspiracy folks will show that part of the bullet that appears undamaged.
Way too much detail but Posner obviously had to cross every t and dot every i in order to make a convincing argument that Oswald acted alone.
He convinced me.
The thing about all the Kennedy conspiracy theories (and this is true of pretty much all conspiracy theories) is they're really meant to reassure us that the world is an orderly place (even if it's an evil one).
What Posner reveals is just how random world events are, so random that a loser, with little to distinguish himself in life other than his skill at marksmanship, can change the course of history.
If you think Oswald acted alone then you are either lying, ignorant, or stupid.
I'm not sure where Posner fits into these categories but I lean towards stupid.
Before this book, I didn't have much previous knowledge about the intricacies of various conspiracy theories and hadn't formed my own opinion on the matter.
I decided to pick it up because of my new Dallas residency and all the hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary.
And my office is next door to the book depository, so the event has become much more real.

This book was recommended as "THE" book to readmost respected, most thorough, best research etc.
And now that I've finished it, I agree.

This book is like drinking from a firehose for someone like me who didn't have much prior knowledge.
Posner leaves literally NO stone unturned.
His exhaustive research disproves, discredits or at least shows the high improbability for pretty much every conspiracy theory out there.

Posner quotes William Ma I must have around two hundred books covering the JFK assassination, both on my home library shelves and on my Kindle reader.
I am also a member of a U.
research group.
(Dealey Plaza U.
Needless to say, this is my favourite topic of reading material.
Finally getting around to 'Case Closed', I was surprised at how much I liked this book.
It comprehensively covers a very large range of topics of the case.
Oswald's biography is fairly well detailed, the evidence against him in Dealey Plaza, the Tippit killing and the shooting at General Walker follows Warren to the letter, but there are flaws and omissions.

I've never been convinced of Ruby's mafia links and I go along with Posner that his killing of LHO was pure chance.

Chapter 19 "What happened to the truth" is a very good chronology of the investigative research efforts post W.
and p Should be required reading for every American high school student.
Quite a disappointment for conspiracy theorists everywhere.
An honest and direct approach to this tragic episode in American history.
I clearly remember many of the events from November 1963.
After I read the book and visited the 6th floor of the Texas book depository I find myself in complete agreement with Mr.
Posner, "Case Closed.
" Where does the evidence lead? That is the central question in both the realms of both science and history.
We can believe what we want, but it will be either with a factual basis to support it or it will not.
Generally, sources that are credible, and are as close to the event as possible have the most weight in determining the factuality of an event.
The use of primary sources from the time of the event is also crucial in determining the facts of the matter at hand.

The book spends its first 40% concentrating on Oswald himself.
The picture that emerges is one of a incredibly small man who possesses two of the worst traits possible; arrogance and stupidity.
Time and again, Posner provides eyewitness testimony to the fact that Oswald was simply a blithering idiot and/or a complete loon The book title can probably be taken literally since the assassination is examined from virtually every angle.
Sorry for the conspiratists but I think Posner got it rightat least I have seen no creditable source who has been able to debunk any of this material.
Not that they don't keep trying all these years later.
Guess it is just tough to believe a lone American crackpot could bring down an American President.

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