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[ Pdf Raphael (Deadly Virtues, #1) ☆ multiplication PDF ] by Tillie Cole é RATING 4.
5 The Lord his Little Rose HEARTS Raphael is a dark atmospheric read that allows readers to be voyeurs into the darker side of humanity stimulating our morbid fascination for a character without conscience, while at the same time inspiring awe, revulsion, fear and lust as we live alongside such a character.
Raphael is a horrifying, alluring and heartbreaking amalgamation of an abused boy and an unstable man trying to understand and compensate for an appalling past His compulsions are terrifying, and made evenso as they merge with his desires, namely Maria She is his opposite in every way demure, compassionate, patient and forgiving yet makes the perfect match for Raphael as he needs someone of her characteristics while he learns how to navigate his emotions for the very first time in his life Ms Cole is no amateur when it comes to creating a chilling story or chara I need to clarify from the get go why I didn t rate one of Tillie Cole s stories five stars The first half orof this book was really hard to read majority of the time Considering it is labeled as a dark read, I did expect to be disturbed by what was going on Believe me, the dark themed book is very dark at times I struggled to swallow the torture and depravity that was dished out by those evil Priests Then it was hard to witness how our hero came across to Maria the heroine I really started to fear that there would be no humanity or redemption found in Raphael.
Of course, I should have had faith in brilliant writer Tillie Cole, and how she can get us to empathize with some very hard to love characters By about 60% on, the love story that begun to blossom between Raphael and Maria, was heartbreaking beautiful to witne They Are The Fallen A Brotherhood Of Murderers Whose Nature Compels Them To Kill But Guided By Their Leader, Gabriel, The Fallen Have Learned To Use Their Urges To Rid The World Of Those It Is Better Off Without For Raphael, Sex And Death Are Intertwined Where There Is One, There Must Be The Other He Is A Lust Killer, Luring His Victims With The Face Of An Angel And A Body Built For Sin And Raphael Lives To Sin His Newest Mission Takes Him Into The Sadistic Underworld Of Boston S Secret Sex Clubs, And Puts Him Face To Face With His Greatest Fantasy Made Flesh Maria Is Everything He S Ever Dreamed Of, The Kill He S Always Longed For She S Not His Target And He Knows He Must Resist But The Temptation Is Too Strong Yet Raphael Is Not The Only One With A Mission Maria Is Not Quite What She Seems And As Her Secrets And Raphael S Unravel, Maria Begins To Question Everything She Thought She Knew About Evil, About The Place She Calls Home, And About The Beautiful Sinner She Was Sent To Destroy Dark Contemporary Romance Contains Sexual Situations, Violence, Sensitive And Taboo Subjects, Offensive Language And Topics Some May Find Triggering Recommended For AgeYears And Up The Fallen Genesis A Prequel Novella In The Deadly Virtues Series And MUST Be read Before RAPHAEL DV Book One How do I express how greatly I m loving this series without spoiling it for you With my heart feeling like it s about to burst through my chest, how can I make it clear to you how very much I loved this book All seven of The Fallen have suffered atrocities that no one should ever have to endure No one Yet, they survived And really, that s all they ve done The darkness that flickered in them before has now taken over They are killers, wiping out those who deserve to be killed like traffickers , and each has their own unique way of accomplishing the kill Raphael s got his own special signature He, like his brothers, enjoys reliving his kills When his fantasy is offered up on a silver platter, how could he refuse She would be the saint to his sinner.
The light to his dark.
The chastity to his lust.
Maria was innocent and her purity was never in question Wh Wow just wow, I absolutely inhaled this book, I mean I was expecting great things here but this surpassed all my exceptions with its addictive and unique storyline and I can t wait for the next one in this series to release so I can continue my onward journey alongside the Fallen and The Brethren.
We are originally introduced to The Fallen in the prequel to this, so you really do need to read that before this just to get a heads up into the way this world has been set up.
This one concentrates on Raphael and Maria it s dark, depraved and twisted from the onset.
Just how I like themThe reality that we face here is so far from the normally accepted view of what is morally right but Gabriel The Fallens kind of self appointed priest has put in place a set of tenent s to protect not only the innocent but to also shield his brothers while also sating their inner monsters by setting them f 5 DARK STARS He is not an angel, but the devil indisguise I m blown away with this brilliant story, I found myself mesmerized and obsessed with this world.
Tillie Cole delivers a dark,sexy,captivating and unique story.
I didn t know what to expect in this one when I first started it but what I came upon was amazing I will make you feel, little rose.
Feel things you have never even entertained Get ready for Raphael and Maria, their story kept me hooked from page one.
This isn t your typical romance it s so muchTwo broken souls entwined The story is original and it has epic proportions.
It isn t for everyone but I think you must give it a try.
Tillie Cole knows exactly how to write the best dark stories Genre Dark SuspenseType Book 1 of Deadly Virtues seriesPOV Third PersonRating 10 years since they escaped The Brethren, The Fallen continued the rituals that allowed them to live a relatively normal life Raphael had patiently waited for the One When Maria walked into his life, he knew she d be his ultimate fantasy, until she turned out to be a complication he wasn t ready to face I liked Raphael in the prequel novella and I enjoyed seeing how he indulged in his proclivities I appreciated how Maria had inner strength even though it was misplaced at times What I enjoyed the most about this book is how the other characters had significant appearances without taking the spotlight from the main characters It was brotherhood in its strongest form They didn t know how to live without one another they didn t SPOILER FREE REVIEW Note The Fallen GenesisThe Fallen Genesis a prequel novella in The Deadly Virtues Series MUST be read before RAPHAEL Now, they were all as dark as midnight, not a single star illuminating their godless worlds Tillie Cole warned us this series was going to be dark.
dark has nothing on this series Where The Fallen was indeed heartbreakingly dark and disturbing, Raphael raised the stakes in its horrific black abyss of psychological terror and physical violence We knew from the prequel that this book was going to break us and it did to the point where we at times had to stop reading, play a meditation video on YouTube and pop an anxiety pill in order to continue We kid you not Whilst we ll happily read a psychological serial killer book any day of t

FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author She was perfection Of course, she would taste that way too It was his soul telling him he had finally found the one It just affirmed to Raphael that she was it He had found his lusts perfect half, his sacrificial lamb.
RAPHAEL is a deliciously dark and sultry read The most beautiful and equally as deadly as his six brothers who are labeledThe Fallen , Raphael captured my curiosity since the incredible prequel At the moment, he is my absolute favorite dark angel, but I am sure each brother will eventually own a piece of my heart I am so in love with this series and wish that I could get my hands on each and every brother s story right this very minute I have no doubt that readers are going to be completely spellbound by Tillie Cole s latest epic saga.
Raphael, the beautiful dark angel with a penchant for strangling his vic Full RTC in the morning The first book gave us a teaser taste of what s to come, and once this hit those kindle outlets my finger eagerly hit that purchase button We had a power cut yesterday so when I m not distracted by the internet it just goes to show that I can read a full length novel in a day There is no better feeling in the world other than opening up that first page of a most highly anticipated book and then getting so lost within those pages that the outside world ceases to exist, oh how I love this author She just goes from strength to strength and makes me fall so deeply in love with each and every character she introduces me to And that is why book after book she has me one clicking no matter what even if I ve been granted an arc God how I loved this story, these characters Shamelessly I inhaled this, devoured it, loved it.

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